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About me

IRC: adrian_broher on freenode

Current tasks

  • Replacing of tools containers with stl or boost equivalents (tdf#38832)
  • done: Stack
  • WIP: Table
  • Replacing of tools debug with sal debug (tdf#39425)
  • WIP: memory management related debugging
  • WIP: logging related debugging


This section contains some notes related to LibreOffice development, please don't edit without consulting me

Stuff worth refactoring

Candidate Possible replacement Remarks
SFX2 BitSet (sfx2/inc/bitset.hxx) std::bitset Not investigated further.
SFX2 DECL_OBJSTACK (sfx2/inc/sfx2/minstack.hxx) std::stack Not investigated further.
SFX2 DECL_OBJARRAY (sfx2/inc/sfx2/minarray.hxx) std::vector Not investigated further,
GenLink (sfx2/inc/sfx2/genlink.hxx) boost::signals2::signal Not used very often and may can be replaced with tools Link if boost::signals2 is not wanted as dependency.
Link (tools/inc/link.hxx) boost::signals2::signal Heavily used with the widgets.
o3tl/inc/o3tl/compat_functional.hxx boost::bind Not investigated further.
oox::RefVector (oox/inc/oox/helper/refvector.hxx) std::vector Does not add any useful features, most stuff is inline and one line calls of algorithms.
TokenStack (sc/source/filter/inc/tokstack.hxx) std::stack Not investigated further.