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Basic Information

Name: OGASAWARA, Naruhiko (小笠原 徳彦)

Facebook: Naruhiko Ogasawara

Home Country: Japan

Languages: Japanese, (not good) English

Team: LibreOffice Japanese Team


Twitter: @naru0ga (mostly in Japanese)

Facebook: Naruhiko Ogasawara


Originally I'm a member of OpenPrinting, FLOSS Printing standardize group hosted by Linux Foundation. So my first LibreOffice job had been translation about Printing or related UIs.

And I always uses Ubuntu at home and at office both. So LibreOffice is very important tool for me. Unfortunately any other guys in my office uses Microsoft Office, sometimes I get problems about importing MS Office document, so sometimes

What I want to do in LibreOffice project

Mainly event handling for both of users and developers. Our team, LibreOffice Japanese Team had been lots of work about outreach, but I think we need more 'casual' event not only for FLOSS people but also normal office productive users.

And my future plan is to get involve code-base commitment to improve Japanese local functionality, and also printing features. Now I'm studying the structure of LibreOffice code and what can I do. And also I want to became a bridge between developer side and end-user side, especially non-English people.