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My name is Nikash Singh. I've been a volunteer Graphic/Interface/Web&Interaction Designer with for more than 5 years. I live in Sydney, Australia. In the "analogue" world, I'm a Research student, Tutor and Webmaster. I'm interested in ensuring LibreOffice looks & feels good to use and is represented well. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you with anything Open-Source. --Nik 2010-12-01T15:07:46 (CET)

Extensions-site proposal

22nd October 2011
A Design proposal to align the Extensions website with our Branding;
PROP ExtensionsSite 111022NS.jpg

Downloads-page proposal

7th June 2011
A Design proposal to simplify the cluttered and confusing downloads page to this;
PROP DownloadsPage 110606NS.jpg

Conference-logo proposal

26th May 2011
A proposal for the current conference (Paris2011) and all future conferences.
The O is substituted by a ring of "LibO triangles/people" meeting/converging/convening.
ConferenceLogo 2011Paris-01.png

And wallpaper Designs using the above conference logo (inverted/colour);
ScatterWallpapers ParisConf.jpg ScatterWallpapers ParisConf02.jpg

Fund-raising Designs

18th February 2011 FundraisingBanner.jpg

This preview is glitchy, you will need to click it to see the proper SVG rendered;
TDF donationCartoons.svg

Logo reconfiguration

3rd February 2011

Slight reconfiguration of the existing LibO logo was mentioned (non-TDF libO logos)(new plain-mime icon instead of previous flat icon). These images show possibilities, also leads to "badge" proposals for members.

Logo proposals

2nd December 2010

Just some early ideas I wanted to get out. In greyscale to begin with, colours can be added once Identity has been decided. Typeface is mostly Arial but easily replaced with an Open-Source type like Liberation Sans, again, once decided. The proposals attempt to convey various qualities, among them; open/cleanliness, simplicity, sophistication. Many try to adhere to the current "dog-eared-page" logo choice. Designs are numbered if you care to provide specific feedback.

Interim Website Design proposals

These are just quick proposals for improving the aesthetics of the interim LO Homepage; PROP InterimSiteHomepage 101222NS.jpg

And this shows a possible solution for second-tier hierarchical navigation; PROP InterimSiteNavigation 101222NS.jpg

"One corner" superquick concept

A suggestion to remove all the multiple floating corners. Onecorner.jpg

Quick'n'dirty banner

Banner proposal avoids glossy effect.
LibO Banner.jpg

Proposed rearrange of Design Work items

ACTIVE items;
Priorities: 1(URGENT), 2(very important), 3(important), 4(priority), 5(preferred), 6(normal), 7(when able), 8(relaxed), 9(low), 10(inconsequential),.
Status: Being finalised, Being voted, Awaiting feedback, In progress, On hold, In proposal, Postponed, Abandoned.

Priority ID no. Task name Description and link Items required Deadline Status Client (Rep) Assigned to


0001 Website Buttons Buttons required to allow supporters to link back to LibO. Email
  • Buttons of size 80x30 pixels
  • Buttons of size 150x50 pixels
  • Email signatures of size 200x15 pixels
2011-11-30 In proposal Marketing




0002 Conference posters Poster required for conference lectern. Printer website
  • Image of size 3000x7000 pixels at 300dpi
2011-12-12 In progress SC



ON-HOLD items;
Colour coding is disabled on on-hold items

Priority ID no. Task name Description and link Items required Deadline Status Client (Rep) Assigned to


0003 Mascot Creation of a Mascot to represent LibO. Blog post
  • One front-on sketch
  • One side-on sketch
  • One back sketch
2011-09-15 On hold FOSS world



COMPLETED archive;
Colour coding is disabled on archived items

Priority ID no. Task name Description and link Items delivered Date completed Client (Rep) Assigned to


0000 Kick-off Establish Design Team. Email
  • Members wiki page
2011-01-01 Design team

(Bernhard, Christoph)

Bernhard, Christoph

List for collection of work items.