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I am part of the QA and design/ux teams and work to improve LibreOffice's interoperability/compatibility with other document formats and improves its UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) by making its large collection of feature easier to access and use. I also work on Arabic l10n translation and have worked on the documentation help authoring tool.

Google Docs Files

In order to share and collaborate with the LO team, I create documents on Google Docs and below are various of them.

Brain Storming

Crucial Features Missing in LibreOffice Writer - Compiling together an important list of features that need to be added to Writer to get on par with modern word processors. Users with edit access: Cor Nouws, Heiko Tietze, Steve (aka foss) (Work in progress)

Working With Tables in Writer - Gathering details of the various problems of working with tables in writer.

Design Team Related

LibreOffice UI Guidelines - Attempting to create guidelines governing various parts of the UI (toolbar, menus, context menu, sidebar), which is currently being turned into HIG. Users with edit access: Heiko Tietze, Cor Nouws

UI Inferface and Experience Priority List - Attempting to create a centralized list of features that are to be implemented in order to improve the UI and UX. Users with edit access: Jan Holesovsky, Heiko Tietze, Cor Nouws

Icon Work - Work needed to improve the various iconsets. Users with edit access: Jan Holesovsky

Single Toolbar Mode - Document I worked on with Georgi Karavasilev of the Numix Project to create a single toolbar mode for writer

Design Sessions - Weekly design session held on Google Hangouts on Friday's at 1PM UTC to brainstorm the redesign of a particular part of the UI. Users with edit access: Jan Holesovsky, Heiko Tietze, Cor Nouws

Competitor Screenshots - Collection of screenshots and screencasts i've taken or have been sent to me of the UI of other competitor office suites.

Chart Sidebar - Contains a bug log document as well as a sample spreadsheet with different chart types to test against the sidebar.

GSoC Related - Contains proposals and documents shared with Google Summer of Code students.

Screenshots for Website - Contains screenshots of LO to be included on the website.

Design/UX Roadmap - Collection of items that people plan to implement in the next release.

Fonts - Collection of spreadsheets and documents on the bundling of Fonts.


Making Impress A UX Princess - Notes on various UX things that Impress needs to do to shine as a presentation app. Users with edit access: Jan Holesovsky, Heiko Tietze, Cor Nouws, Christoph Noack

Improving the Use of Styles in Writer - Ideas on how to promote the use of styles in the various parts of the user interface. Users with edit access: Jan Holesovsky, Heiko Tietze, Cor Nouws, Christoph Noack

Online Media Insert/Playback - Proposal of how to implement the addition and playback of online media. Users with edit access: Jan Holesovsky, Heiko Tietze

Template Manager Redesign - Proposal of how to improve on the user experience and workflow of the template manager. Users with edit access: Jan Holesovsky, Heiko Tietze

Online Templates in Template Manager - Mockup for how online templates would be seen in the Template Manager [tdf#85420]


Document Theming - Gathering information and brainstorming how it can be implemented.

Cell Styles - Gathering a collection of cell styles that can be integrated by default into Calc. Users with edit access: Heiko Tietze, Mattias Põldaru, Jan Holesovsky

Chart Styles - Prepared a document explaining chart styles and collected sample styles from competing office suites.


New Toolbar Tooltips - Creating a list of tooltips so they can be improved on. Users with edit access: Heiko Tietze, Cor Nouws, Jan Holesovsky

Menubar String Changes - Creating a list of menubar items that strings should be improved on. Users with edit access: Heiko Tietze, Cor Nouws, Jan Holesovsky


Template Competition - I prepared the first draft of the text that would be used for the LibreOffice template competition. Users with edit access: Jan Holesovsky, Heiko Tietze, Cor Nouws

My Templates - Templates that i'm working on that i hope would be included as default templates.

Template Selection - Spreadsheet to decide which submitted templates should in the default installation of LibreOffice

UI Statistics

OOo Based Stats - Contains the original OOo stats, as well as my deciphering of the data.

Needed UI Stats - Notes about the kind of stats that should be recorded to better help improve LibreOffice's usability. Users with edit access: Jan Holesovsky

Keyboard Shortcuts

Spreadsheet Shortcuts - Comparison of shortcut keys used in Calc, Excel, Quattro, Google Docs, etc. Will be used in tdf#98255 and to add additional shortcuts to LO.

New Mac Shortcuts - Shortcut list to be implemented in tdf#98290

Disabled Shortcut Keys in Customize Dialog - Investigating the shortcut keys disabled in the Tools > Customize dialog

Keyboard Shortcuts - All files collected related to the improvement of shortcuts.

QA Team Related

QA System Setup - Notes about the different versions of office software i would have and notes on how to get them running on linux.

QA Triage Basics - Introduction to QA for new members, which previously was on Google Drive.

Most Commonly Submitted Bugs - Collection of commonly submitted problems/issues with running LibreOffice that I was gathering together at one point in time.

SVG Support Tests - Test results of SVG import/insert support I tested against LibreOffice 5.2 in Feb 2016.

How to get a backtrace with WinDbg - Rewrote this guide so that it would be easier to follow and also include screenshots of the process.

Pre-Written Responses - Collection of pre-written responses that i had collecting in order to easily respond to bugzilla tickets so that I didnt have to type them out everytime.

Impress Media Tests Files - Prepared a range of audio and video test files using FFmpeg (QWinFF, Curlew) for testing media playback capabilities of LO on various platforms, with test results being available at Media Support.

Impress Media Test Files 1 - A range of audio and video test files i created and gathered for use in tdf#79468 to test media playback on Ubuntu 14.04 with LibreOffice 4.2, with results listed at Video: 4.2.3 and Audio: 4.2.3.

Privately Emailed Docs - List of document privately emailed to me by bug reporters. Users with access: Jan Holesovsky, Michael Stahl, Michael Meeks, Joel Madero, Robinson Tryon, Xisco Fauli

Parallels Installer - Windows batch file and Linux bash scripts I use to parallel install daily builds and releases.

Why LibreOffice

Why LibreOffice? - Users frequently ask whats the difference between LO and AOO/OOo, and Microsoft has its 'Why Microsoft' website, so it would be good to have useful information for both. Users with edit access: Charles Schulz, Cor Nouws, Sophie Gautier (Work in progress)

LibreOffice Case Study - Case study provided by Charlie Reisinger (@charlie3) of Penn Manor School District

LibreOffice Vs OpenOffice - A simplified comparison between LO and AOO/OOo geared towards the average joe/jane wanting to know the differences. Users with edit access: Cor Nouws, Heiko Tietze, Steve (aka foss) (Work in progress)

LibreOffice versus WPS, Google Docs (Work In Progress)


Compatibility Test Docs - Collection of .docx files that I converted to other document formats in 2014 to test interoperability in MS Office, LibreOffice, Kingsoft/WPS Office, and Calligra Office.

MSO Patterns - Bitmap pattern fill information i've gathered so that the MS Office patterns can be added and supported. tdf#94547 tdf#94543

OOXML DOCX Interoperability Status - The video and slides of the presentation at LibOCon 2014 presented by CloudOn's Adam Fyne.

OOXML Interoperability Matrix Files - Collection of documents I'm creating in MS Office to test LibreOffice's OOXML support (Work in Progress)

OOXML Interoperability Matrix Results - Spreadsheet of results of testing LibreOffice's OOXML support (Work in Progress)

Other Stuff

Knowledge Gained - Using this as a notepad for different knowledge i've gained while volunteering on LibreOffice.

Translation Guide - As i worked on translating LibreOffice to Arabic, i'm sharing my experience on what i think is the best means to approach translation.

Help Stuff - Documents i've create, modified or saved related to updating the help documentation.

Survey Docs and Data - Data i've kept about surveys that were done on

LibreOffice Accessibility (a11y) - Collection of QA being done to improve accessibility.