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I am a chemical engineering, libre software enthusiast. I do an intensive use of Writer and Calc and Math for my work, that's why all my feedback flows to those apps. On a second step appear then Impress and Draw.


I have contributed with the following templates:


File:Scientific manuscript





Bugs and suggestions

I found Writer really more useful than, for instance, MS Word. Many would find some usability issues, and many others still complains about the aesthetics of LibO being antiquated. I found this quite superfluous since there are so many issues pending to be solved. Strange crashes that happens frequently, which Java deactivated, and no clue of the reasons, is one. Or maybe some lack in apps different than Writer As a user of Calc and LibO charts, I have found that they are a very powerful tool for my work. I would like to summarize some of the issues I found, which some of then already filled as bugs, and some others still in my brain.

Color palette generation

I have coded a Fortran 90 app that lets one create a color palette formed by 12 colors. It gives back a set of 5 shadows for each color, in the same way of MS Office (>2007) does. The code is inside the following ODT file: File:Palette Fortran code.odt


LibO Charts are truly flexible. They are really configurable in many aspects, and I really value it. But I really think that there are some lacks in functionality and usability when comparing them with proprietary alternatives (or may I just say MS Excel? I must confess, it's the only proprietary alternative I have used as much as Calc). I will try to summarize what I have found. This is just my opinion, nevertheless I want to share them.

tdf#39052 - FORMATTING single characters in titles, axis titles and other labels in charts is not possible

In the bug report there's a complete information about this bug. I think the title summarize what's the problem pretty well. This has been already proposed as Easy Hack. Some may think this is trivial, but in science it is really common that in axes, variables are sometimes symbols, with upper/subscrips, like a chemical formula. Also, physical variables (very frequently formatted in italics) use to have units (regular text). For example, if "X" axis is time, it label should be something like

t [s]

which meant that the time t is measured or represented in seconds. Of course, it is also possible to label this axis like

Time, in seconds

But the decision isn't always tied to one wants but to external rules. Furthermore, why single characters inside this text boxes are not formatteable? They should. There are some workarounds for this, like creating custom labels drawing textboxes inside the chart, but this approach is tedious when working with many charts. Furthermore theses textbox are buggy.

tdf#58038 - FORMATTING: Format text commands are not working in chart titles nor text boxes drawn *inside* charts with the draw bar

There are some issues also concerning even the formatting that one is able to do. When activating a chart, the text format options disappears, and adding format buttons like bold, italics, or even font name is useless because they appear deactivated. The only option to format this boxes is through the Format selection button or doubleclicking. IMHO this is an odd behaviour. It is true that when one wants to format a chart, one should concentrate into that, so the cell format options may be though as redundant. But I found it a bit puzzling that the format options suddenly disappear. But also, there is text in charts that could be formatteable. What if I dislike the default text size? I must enter into a dialogue instead of being able to format it directly though the toolbars like any textbox on Writer, Impress or Draw.

Another issue related is that keyboard commands (ctrl+V, Ctrl+B) don't work. This bug may be directly linked to bug 39052

tdf#64884 - SOLVED: FORMATTING: Allow to add "X" grid lines after having created a chart without them

This bug has been solved by bhofman and Tomaz Vajngerl :D

tdf#64886 - The default chart type of a newly created chart should be eligible

A long-term solution for this bugs and the ones to come: tdf#62540 - Add styles for editing charts

tdf#51578 - EDITING Smothed curve option should be different for every data set in Chart

tdf#58260 - EDITING: Don't deactivate the calc formula bar when activating and deactivating a chart

tdf#90463 - Edit chart series dragging ranges in spreadsheet

Bugs 58260 and 90463 are closely related. Both are about editing chart series without the need of entering in the chart dialog.

tdf#40317 - SOLVED: Trend line (regression curve) improvements


tdf#32418 - Add an "insert symbol" to Math

tdf#44839 - Add an "Eval symbol" in "Elements" panel in equation editor

tdf#46343 - FORMULAEDITOR: Add the tensor product operator into "Elements" pane