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Professional design templates for Impress.

This site will place some design templates, to the disposal of the LibreOffice-Design-Team, for testing use.

My goal is, to create design templates, with a high quality.

The most important points are:

  • themes for business use
  • themes for different occupational categories
  • themes to be eaysly integrated in LibO
  • this means, i will take care for
- license (is cc-by-sa) here the right one?
- available font's
- very small bitmap backgrounds
- different aspect ratio for different output devices

If you have any suggestions, what is furthermore important, please give me a feedback.

Template Name Thumbnail Category Link and Comment
Brushed Graphite Liberarion technical business
for eg.:
  • it
  • auto-motive
  • aircraft
  • engineering
  • design

Impress Template in a dark high-tec design

  • small bitmap background
  • Liberation font used
  • aspect ratio: 16:9 (for notebook use)

Version: 0.88b-2012/10/18
Download Brushed graphite liberation v088b ratio16-9.otp

Carbon Racing [LS] -- not available -- techical, high-tec- sports Impress Templat

Please feel free to give me a feedback.