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LibreOffice Teams

You can usually find me in #libreoffice-qa or working on something for one of the following teams/projects:

If you need to contact me, you can find contact information on one or more of those team pages, or use my email address [my-username] :-)

Stuff I'm actively working on...

Test Pages

About Me

Hello there!

I'm a sporadic contributor to the wiki for TDF. I'm hoping to find some time to hack on the LibreOffice beast itself, but work and various other projects are keeping me more than busy.

In my day life I work as a programmer. I contribute to various other projects in bits and pieces, such as Wikipedia, Gnash, and I even poked a few files over to Coreboot once upon a time. Goodness knows that we could use a FOSS Flash player and a FOSS BIOS for all of our computing goodies. If only there were three of me, then I'm sure I'd have the time!

You can find a bit more about me and the various organic/inorganic things I geek out on by directing your browser to my website:


I'm interested in some simple marketing, including showing support for the project with t-shirts, laptop stickers, and the like.

One of the biggest barriers to greater adoption of LO is that people just don't know about the project. By informing computer users in all walks of life that FOSS alternatives like LO exist, I think that we can greatily increase the user base. A much larger userbase is great for everyone involved, as that means more users, more bug reports, and (hopefully) more dev and funding support.

T-shirt ideas

T-shirts for developers

One of my basic ideas for grass-roots marketing would be to create a template for LO developer shirts. A simple design would be the libreoffice logo on the front, and "DEVELOPER" in big letters on the back. The developer t-shirt would be just for developers. Anyone who wants one could just do one of the Development/EasyHacks and get one (we'd need funding for this!).

We could expand the program to include shirts for marketers (or "Marketeers," as I like to call them), documentation folks, people who offer user help, etc.. It would provide several benefits, including making people proud of the role they serve in the LO community, and the importance of their contributions. By wearing those shirts at conferences, on university campuses, etc..., it might make other students interested in helping out in the LO community and earning such a shirt of their own.

T-shirt designs

I'm hoping to put together some dead-simple instructions on how to make your own LibreOffice T-shirts. There are a number of different methods of imprinting on a shirt (silkscreen, iron-on, bleach, stencil/paint), some of which are much better suited to small-volume at-home production.

Imagine if we could get 100 people to each create 5 shirts (4 for friends, 1 to keep). That could create 500 new walking bilboards, each letting people know about this cool new office suite, LibreOffice.


  • User:See has some really great designs and logos on his user page.
  • We'll want to figure out sources for t-shirts.
    • White shirts are generally pretty cheap at KMart and other big stores, often in multi-packs
    • I've had some success finding colored t-shirts at the dollar store (these work well with the stencil/bleach or stencil/spraypaint method)
    • Repurposing old shirts? Bulk buy at the thrift store?

Random stuff I shouldn't forget

  • Can I edit the wiki again? hmm