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Master - Regression?

ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary Regression?
38772 cri med Mac NEW CRASH - Report Builder extension on Mac OSX with background colours in report design needinfo
38773 maj med All NEW Crash recovery dialog (and other dialogues) display list box with insufficient height needinfo
38791 nor med Mac NEW FILEOPEN - ORB report refuses to open after insertion of JPEG image
38908 enh hig Wind NEW No WINDOWS MASTER dev-builds
39217 nor med All ASSI EDITING: Undo ignores pictures after Copy / Paste from Browser.
39223 nor med All NEW "Symbol ""Presentation Styles"" is missing in Styles and Formatting dialog "
39229 min med All NEW UI: Visible icons hidden in Table Toolbar
39313 blo hig All NEW XTableRows.removeByIndex and also symply remove Row / Column crashes Libo
39365 nor med Wind UNCO Spell check does not work after copy / paste, modified language not recognized
39465 nor med Wind NEW Selection border for all different conflicting item texts
39528 nor med All NEW Object pane in Navigator disappears when reduce height
39831 nor med Linu NEW DO_FETCH_TARBALL= also disables cloning the repositories!
39839 maj med Linu NEW debug build cannot open table: failed assertion
39852 nor med Linu NEW moz module fails to build in build environment, builds fine in empty environment
39853 nor med Linu NEW codemaker fails to build with boost 1.42, success with boost 1.46
39865 maj med Linu NEW libreoffice crashes on html file with a https:// image reference
39936 enh med All NEW "Feature: add ""Insert Cut Cells"" & ""Insert Copied Cells"" to Right-Click Menus "
39944 enh med All NEW Implement new ATK Roles
40006 cri hig Linu NEW default ODF encryption etc algorithms changed, so encrypted/protected documents from master cannot be opened in <= 3.4.X
40018 min low All NEW "Import Wizard POT: %PRODUCTNAME should be ""StarOffice"" "
40088 maj med All NEW ERROR in Font when insert SVG picture while EDITING no
40144 nor med Linu NEW "PreparedStatement setDate gives error ""Basic Runtime Error / Object variable not set"" "
40237 nor low Linu UNCO crash, SIGPIPE after suspend/resume switch users
40265 nor med Wind NEW After Git clone Microsoft Security Essential reports potential threats needinfo
40391 nor med Wind UNCO does not notice, that files in external/msvcp80 are missing
40395 nor med Mac NEW Powerpoint file causes screen corruption in Impress slideshow mode
40420 nor med Linu UNCO SIGSEGV, basicbox.cxx:544
40515 enh med All NEW Embed entire SVG code into LibreOffice instead of just a Link needinfo