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Hello there,

I’m just a LibreOffice user — probably not even the most experienced one, because I write most of my texts using LaTeX & Cº, do page layout tasks with XPress or Scribus, and edit vector graphics with Inkscape. But when I need to use a word processor or spreadsheet application, LibreOffice is my favorite: it has put an end to the endless agony of OOo (not to mention M$ Office, which I know quite well, but nevertheless ... do not like, to say it politely). Therefore, I wanted to get an account for this Wiki in order to fix some typo here or there or to update some outdated information if I come about it … I just want to help a little bit if I can afford some time.

Update: In the meantime I have become involved into LibreOffice bug hunting and try to help with checking, confirming, and sorting bug reports. You can find a list of all bug reports I have commented on here. See also the Wiki page of the QA-Team.

Some notes and hints for my personal use

  • My playground for editing text which is not ready for addition to the Wiki yet.