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Text in Shape

Basic Shapes

Line Breaking

  • ODF provides text wrap via style attribute "draw:fit-to-contour".
  • ODF provides multi paragraphs and lists as child element of the object.
  • SVG performs no automatic line breaking or word wrapping.

Text on a Path

  • OOo1.0 provided text along curve via style attribute "draw:fontwork-style". It had more style variants than the SVG element <textPath>. This attribute does not exist in ODF.
  • SVG has a <textPath> element for that, but the glyph orientation is always relative to the curve tangent.

Custom Shapes

  • ODF provides full wrapping text in a rectangle area, which is defined by the attribute "draw:text-areas" in the element <draw:enhanced-geometry>.
  • ODF provides transforming glyphs via object attribute "draw:text-path" in the element <draw:enhanced-geometry>.

Text Box

  • ODF allows complex content in text document including shapes and OLE, and allows paragraph and table in spreadsheet, drawing and presentation.
  • A text box is not available in SVG. Text in SVG is similar to FontWork kind of custom shapes with separate style for character fill and stroke.

Frame (similar to desktop pupblisching)

  • ODF allows frames of kind text box to be linked.
  • Such linked frames are not available in SVG.

Object variants

  • ODF has elliptic rounded rectangles via object property "draw:corner-radius".
  • ODF has circle variants via object properties "draw:kind" and "draw:start-angle and draw:end-angle".


In ODF only closed objects can be filled; in SVG filling of non closed path are possible.


  • LibreOffice renders stroke-width="0.0" as hairline. In SVG stroke-width="0.0" disables rendering.
  • SVG allows gradients on strokes, that is not possible in ODF.


  • ODF transformations do not influence stroke and filling (at least not in LibreOffice).
  • SVG transformation work on the entire object including stroke and filling.


Draw provides grouping via object property draw:layer.


  • ODF provides full 3D scenes with three-dimensional coordinate system, camera, lighting and transformation.
  • ODF provides pseudo 3D view of the custom shapes, that are those with an <draw:enhanced-geometry> element.


ODF does not have filters of kind "fe" for its draw-objects. Application may provide such filter for SVG-graphics inserted as image.



Connector and Gluepoint

SVG does not provide connectors and gluepoints.

Polygon (Array of points)

Path and Bèziercurve