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Text in Shape

Basic Shapes

Line Breaking

  • ODF provides text wrap via style attribute "draw:fit-to-contour".
  • ODF provides multi paragraphs and lists as child element of the object.
  • SVG performs no automatic line breaking or word wrapping.

Text on a Path

  • OOo1.0 provided text along curve via style attribute "draw:fontwork-style". It had more style variants than the SVG element <textPath>. This attribute does not exist in ODF.
  • SVG has a <textPath> element for that, but the glyph orientation is always relative to the curve tangent.

custom shapes

  • ODF provides full wrapping text in a rectangle area, which is defined by the attribute "draw:text-areas" in the element <draw:enhanced-geometry>.
  • ODF provides transforming glyphs via object attribute "draw:text-path" in the element <draw:enhanced-geometry>.

Object variants

  • ODF has elliptic rounded rectangles via object property "draw:corner-radius".
  • ODF has circle variants via object properties "draw:kind" and "draw:start-angle and draw:end-angle".


In ODF only closed objects can be filled; in SVG filling of of non closed path are possible.



  • ODF transformations do not influence stroke and filling (at least not in LibreOffice).
  • SVG transformation work on the entire object including stroke and filling.


Draw provides grouping via object property draw:layer.


  • ODF provides full 3D scenes with three-dimensional coordinate system, camera, lighting and transformation.
  • ODF provides pseudo 3D view of the custom shapes, that are those with an <draw:enhanced-geometry> element.





Polygon (Array of points)

Path and Bèziercurve