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This is collection of facets to consider when reworking the options dialog. Feel free to improve this collection.


  • What is the setting expect to do, does a specification exists?
  • What does the setting actual?
  • What kind of values are possible for the setting?
  • What range of values is actual possible? Has the setting a default value?
  • Is the setting general, or is it only meaningful in context of a special module or special other settings?


  • Does nearly every user needs this setting?
  • Is the setting needed for special kind of users (e.g. disabled) or for special kind of user environment (e.g. PC in schools)?
  • How often needs the user change this setting?


  • Does opening a document mirrors values of the document to the setting?
  • Does the setting change a document while opening?
  • Does the setting influence the content of the saved document?
  • Is the setting needed for compatibility to older versions?
  • Is the setting needed for compatibility to MS Office documents?
  • Does the setting influence values, which are “Application dependent” in the ODF1.2 standard.


  • Is presetting/changing via configuration file possible?
  • Is enabling/disabling via configuration file possible?
  • Are those administrative actions possible via macro?

File Format

  • Does the setting belong to the ODF file format?
  • Is the setting stored inside the file, but does not belong to ODF?
  • Is the setting only stored in the user folder?
  • Does the setting affect new documents?
  • Does the setting affect existing documents?

Operating System and Hardware

  • Does the setting itself depend on the OS?
  • Does the value of the setting depend on OS? Which default is set in the OS?
  • Does the OS has a similar setting? Are those values mirrored to the setting?
  • Does special hardware needs the setting?
  • Does the hardware influence the values of the setting?


  • Does the setting depend on the language of the OS, or on the locale of the OS?
  • Does the setting depend on the language of LibreOffice UI?
  • Does it depend on the local set in another place in the dialog?
  • Does the setting depend on the default language of the document?