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Who? Ronja Addams-Moring

What? Technical writing, editing, translating; studying SW eng. + networks

Where? Helsinki, Finland, EU

When? Mostly diurnal, UTC+2 (+3 for DST)

How? Preferably with emacs, editing LaTeX or Docbook or working in a team

Why? Because I can & because it's fun

Things to remember to write down when I'm no more a newbie

Bugzilla-related: (Summary: Newbies need more of those practical guidelines that are easy to find)

  • How are severity and priority determined? Both description and links to good examples are needed. (add this to wikis BugTriage page?)
  • For complicated-to-validate bugs: How and where is it best to present a plan+question like "To reproduce this bug I intend to do this - please comment on if I have understood the bug description correctly and if you think that my plan will work?" (add this to wikis BugTriage page?)
    • Related forum post (mine): [1]


  • QA mentors should be listed or linked to also on the main QA page, and the text should encourage people to contact them (sending email is often a bit of a threshold for newbies)

Stuff I do not want to lose or forget