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Chat with Jan Holesovsky = kendy Tuesday 31st July 2012

We were on the #libreoffice IRC channel on Freenode

cleaned up version (times are EEST = UTC +3)

[09:43] <ronja112> kendy: Are you there? I see no "away". I would need to pick an experienced QA person's brain a bit, about reproducing bug 51121 both reliably and economically.

[10:41] <@kendy> ronja112: I always forget to set away, so I was not here; but now I am

[10:48] <@kendy> ronja112: So, the interesting is the comment 13 there, and all mmeeks' comments

[10:49] <@kendy> [and a lot of good testing of other involved people]

[10:55] <ronja112> kendy: I agree. My plan is presented e.g. here (a bit wordy, sorry - I should never try to address two issues in one post)

[10:58] <ronja112> kendy: So once I have two identical enough Ubuntu environements, one with LibO and the other with OO, I plan to produce three files with each, even though I'm 99.9% sure that the contents of the files have naught to do with the problem...

[10:59] <ronja112> first a very short one in Finnish (basically Hello World only), then 2-3 pages in English, with headers and lists and last 1-2 pages in Swedish, including a table and a picture . [11:01] <ronja112> then I will send each file from Gmail, as an attachment, to my OWA address, receive it and save what I got. Last I will uppload all 6+6 files as attachments to the bug. I will need to be careful with naming the files...

[11:03] <ronja112> so that the filenames tell clearly with what the file was created and if it is an original or has been through OWA. Do you see any weaknesses in the plan?

[11:13] <@kendy> ronja112: I don't think it is necessary to add more files to the bug

[11:13] <@kendy> ronja112: There are already the files that differ, produced from OOo and LO

[11:14] <@kendy> ronja112: But what would be most appreciated to help a developer when he / she does some changes in the code, that you'd send that via the test environment, and see if the fix helped, or not.

[11:14] <@kendy> ronja112: Can you offer something like that in the bug?

[11:15] <@kendy> ronja112: [see comment 4, that has the files that show the difference]

[11:15] <ronja112> kendy: so in your opinion more files will be needed only *later*? yes, I can offer that (sorry, I'm slow, my mouse is going crazy...)

[11:17] <@kendy> ronja112: Yes, I think it will be needed later, for now I think there is enough info there.

[11:17] <ronja112> kendy: my main motivator is that this gives me an excuse to learn VirtualBox (at least a little) - I've used VMware in a customer project, so it's nice to have an excuse to play with another VM :-)

[11:17] <@kendy> ronja112: Good :-) [11:17] <@kendy> ronja112: And thank you for your interest in QA, most appreciated!

[11:19] <ronja112> kendy: and thank *you*, now I know how to make my test plans more precise and how to present them. C U later, here, on the wiki or on the QA list!

[11:23] <@kendy> ronja112: One more thing - is a mail alias for bugs; the QA list is, might be good to subscribe there, if you haven't yet

[11:25] <ronja112> kendy: thanks, and I have. Those are the two lists I have started following - I have not yet made up my mind whether I'll lurk on the dev/discussion list, too. Maybe later.

[11:26] <@kendy> ronja112: OK :-)

[11:29] <ronja112> kendy: BTW, you really should thank Martin Schröder and Clint Tallbert for my showing up. If they had not written "Building Open Source QA Communities" I would not necessarily have noticed one, even when it came right under my nose.

[11:30] <ronja112> kendy: One needs to know that a thing can exists (and maybe abit of what it may look like) to recognize it, I think. [11:32] <ronja112> kendy: At least parts of the book are available via Google Books (warning for long link)

[11:34] <@kendy> ronja112: Interesting, thanks!

[11:35] <ronja112> kendy: see you later, Elder Daughter insists she needs my attention.

[11:35] * kendy found pieces here

[11:35] <@kendy> ronja112: :-)