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Done design for: Bug Submission Assistant - ToDo#Web design

I will update this info ASAP ;)

License information

All work on this page is licensed under three licenses, to be used alternatively or in combination depending on the user's needs:

  • Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported (CC-by-sa)
  • GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 or any later version (LGPL 3+)
  • Mozilla Public License version 1.1 (MPL 1.1)

T-shirts: LibreOffice T-shirt design

LibreOffice T-shirt design
LibreOffice tshirt1
T-shirt name: tshirt1

LibreOffice tshirt2
T-shirt name: tshirt2

Panel: LibreOffice Panel design

LibreOffice Panel design
LibreOffice panel1
Panel name: panel1

Car: LibreOffice Car design

LibreOffice Car design
LibreOffice car2
Car name: car2

LibreOffice Paris 2011 Conference

Cap: LibreOffice Cap design

LibreOffice Cap design
LibreOffice cap1
Cap name: cap1

LibreOffice Paris 2011 Conference

Paper Bags: LibreOffice Paper Bag design

LibreOffice Paper Bag design
LibreOffice paperBag1
Paper bag name: paperBag1

LibreOffice Paris 2011 Conference

LibreOffice paperBag2
Paper bag name: paperBag2

LibreOffice Paris 2011 Conference

Mugs: LibreOffice Mug design

LibreOffice Mug design
LibreOffice mug1
Mug name: mug1

LibreOffice Paris 2011 Conference

LibreOffice mug2b
Mug name: mug2b

LibreOffice Paris 2011 Conference

CD/DVD: LibreOffice cd/dvd and box design

LibreOffice CD/DVD design
LibreOffice dvd1
CD/DVD pack name: dvd1

cd/dvd + box

Brochure: LibreOffice 3-Fold Pamphlet

LibreOffice Brochure: 3-Fold Pamphlet
LibreOffice 3-Fold Pamphlet1
Brochure name: Pamphlet1

Standard size

Business cards: Paris 2011 Conference

I will post here some ideas for LibreOffice Paris 2011 Conference business cards.

Business cards : Paris 2011 Conference
BusinessCard name: Card1
BusinessCard name: Card1

Size 3.5 x 2 in

Our first anniversary

I will post here some ideas for our first anniversary.

LibreOffice: First anniversary
Cake1: Thank you for a great year Cake3: Thank you for a great year Cake4: Thank you for a great year Name: Cake1,Cake3,Cake4

note: "I removed Cake2"

Size 250x250

Homemade cake for all ;)

Cake5: Thank you for a great year Cake6: Thank you for a great year Name: Cake5,Cake6

Size 250x250

Banners : Spread the word

I will post here new web banners for LibreOffice project.

Web Banners
Spring Season
PSD files for Spring Season: File:See
Spring Season 1
BannerName: Spring Season 1

Size 728x90

Spring Season 2
BannerName: Spring Season 2

Size 728x90

Spring Season 3
BannerName: Spring Season 3

Size 728x90

Spring Season 4
BannerName: Spring Season 4

Size 728x90

Spring Season 5
BannerName: Spring Season 5

Size 728x90

Spring Season 3b
BannerName: Spring Season 3b

Size 728x90

Spring Season 2b
BannerName: Spring Season 2b

Size 728x90

Winter Season
Winter Season 1 Winter Season 1b BannerName: Winter Season 1, Winter Season 1b

Size 300x250

Winter Season 2 Winter Season 2b BannerName: Winter Season 2,Winter Season 2b

Size 300x250

Autumn Season
Autumn Season 1 Autumn Season 2 BannerName: Autumn Season 1,Autumn Season 2

Size 250x250

note: icons should looks like L (like Libre)

Autumn Season 2 Autumn Season 2 BannerName: Autumn Season 3,Autumn Season 4

Size 250x250

Summer Season
Summer Season 1
Summer Season 2
Summer Season 3
Summer Season 4
BannerName: Summer Season 1,

Summer Season 2,

Summer Season 3,

Summer Season 4,

Size 468x60

Summer Season 5 Summer Season 6 BannerName: Summer Season 5, Summer Season 6

Size 234x60

Summer Season 7 Summer Season 8 BannerName: Summer Season 7, Summer Season 8

Size 234x60

Mercury1 Mercury2 Mercury3 BannerName: Mercury1, Mercury2, Mercury3

Size 150x150