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Michael Wheatland (Wheatbix) is a professional end user of office software with many years experience in both technical data manipulation, report writing and presentations.
He has a passion for both easy to use and powerful user interfaces in both PC and web based applications.

"The best applications are built around communities, communities are not built around applications"


  • Drupal website design and workflows
  • High level yet understandable document writing
  • Project management and people coordination
  • Basic understanding of Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Extensive user interface experience

Ready Willing and Able

Michael is currently dipping his toe in the water that is LibreOffice. He is keen to contribute to both the website and LibreOffice application.

Contact me through my site:

Contribution Licence

All of Wheatbix contributions to LibreOffice is covered by the LGPL open source licence under which the project falls.

All other material which cannot be considered under this licence fall under a Creative Commons: Attribution, Share Alike (CC:BY:SA)