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Moin :)

Could you please do me a favor? Special:UserLogin lacks a switching link to Japanese so I need an admin. I guess it would be nice of you to add Chinese also ... unfortunately I forget which Mediawiki file takes care of that.

MhG, --Aphaia 2011-01-21T10:45:16 (CET)

Hallo Aphaia!
Toll Dich hier zu treffen ;-)
Can you please give me the strings I have to add? Unfortunately my language skills in jp and zh are too weak for this ;-) The MediaWiki page btw is MediaWiki:Loginlanguagelinks. --Manuel Schneider 2011-01-21T10:57:47 (CET)
Auch mir ganz toll hier Dich zu treffen :)
Sure, they should be
中文(简体)‬ |zh-hans
FYI there is also 中文(繁體)‬|zh-hant, if demanded.
Btw what do you think to add Recentchanges to Toolbox and Administrators' Noticeboard (if exists) to Navigation, if possible?
Thanks in advance, Cheers, --Aphaia 2011-01-22T02:08:28 (CET)
Thanks, I have added all three language links. --Manuel Schneider 2011-01-22T10:56:45 (CET)
どうもありがとう/Vielen Dank! --Aphaia 2011-01-22T23:59:11 (CET)


Hallo, Manuel!

I'm just talking with user:Foral, and he wonders who are the devs of this wiki. I assume you are, right? Do you know where the list of this wiki's devs available?

Cheers, --Aphaia 2011-02-19T05:07:22 (CET)

Hey, have a look here: Special:ListGroupRights and maybe there System Operations. --Manuel Schneider 2011-03-07T10:59:07 (CET)