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To transfer QuickBooks to a new computer

How to instantly transfer QuickBooks to a new Computer – While upgrading your system to a new one or changing your environment from Windows to Mac or Vice versa, you would like to move the software’s that you installed on your old computer to the new computer. To move QuickBooks to a new Computer, you would have to move the QuickBooks installation and the Company files both to the new computer and also have downloaded files in a CD or the new computer would need internet access to download the QuickBooks installation files from the internet. Kindly follow the below steps in order to get best results.

If you are reinstalling QuickBooks or moving your QuickBooks installation to another computer, please keep handy the below


Your license number Your product number Your installation CD or download.


On the computer where you want QuickBooks installed,download the installation files or insert the CD. Note: If the new computer doesn’t have Internet access, see the move your download section of Find or move your download.

Install QuickBooks as you normally would.

NOTE: A Few Important things to know before you start the transfer

Be sure you either move or rename the file on the old computer so you don’t accidentally work in the wrong file. These instructions are for moving your data from one computer to another. If you need to share your company file over a network, you can read more about how tohost QuickBooks data files in multi-user mode If you use QuickBooks to do your payroll, be sure to download the latest payroll tax table after moving your company file. Never restore a company file without renaming it first because you might overwrite your existing company file. If you do, you will lose all data in your existing company file. Few common questions about reinstalling or moving an existing installation Quickbooks-technical-support-contact-number

If you have your license and product number but need the installation files, you can download your version of QuickBooks. See Download QuickBooks products for steps to access a download.


Help for QuickBooks- QuickBooks has stopped working, QuickBooks Won’t Open, QuickBooks is not responding, QuickBooks freezing on start

While opening QuickBooks, if you see the following error, or no error at all “QuickBooks stopped working” Quickbooks-technical-Support

Why it happens

There are a few reasons why this may occur Quickbooks-technical-support-contact

• When the Hard drive is Corrupted • QuickBooks is not updated to the latest version • QBWUSER.INI file damaged or missing • Windows Operating System files corrupted or damaged • Program files or library files corrupted or damaged Quickbooks-technical-support-contact-number


The steps can become complex if errors occur while repairing or uninstalling .NET Framework. If you are not comfortable doing these steps on your own, Intuit recommends you consult with your computer’s manufacturer or other computer professional. The following troubleshooting steps are for the Windows operating system, which is not an Intuit product.