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Hi, Thank you for translating BugReport Details and related pages. This potentially is a chance to get an Arabian UI for the Bug Submission Assistant; The English Help Pages are automatically integrated into the BSA.

Please be very careful with modifications of the BugReport Details related pages, any modification will become visible in the Bug Submission Assistant after the next update, and most users might be astonished if they see Help for Sub Component "Basic" as الأساس ;-) To avoid trouble I reverted you modifications of Template:BugzAssHlp BASIC. Of course your text still is available in the Wiki Data Base as old Version.

It might be useful to discuss some structure details of such a translation with Rob Snelders <[], who currently does most maintenance for the BSA. Results of such a discussion would be useful for any translation and might help to get localized BSA UI.

Thank you and best regards, -- Rainer Bielefeld 2012-10-02T08:23:55 (CEST)