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Do topmenus have to be in every page?

If people really want them, why aren’t they in the MediaWiki sidebar and/or in the theme? —Fitoschido (talk) 2014-01-18T17:14:23 (UTC)

Well at the moment there is a technical limitation. We cannot add them to the theme as the theme can't handle different language templates for different pages. We will (this depends on the time of us volunteers, admins and infra admins [mostly floeff]) switch the system and install the mediawiki extension Translation which is able to handle these kind of different templates.
As long as we don't have this extension we have to use this manual system, but the transformation will be rather easy as my bot will clean simply all pages.
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-01-18T17:22:25 (UTC)
Thanks for the answer. Now that you mention the Translate extension, yeah that’d be great for having all the release notes translations consistent and updated, I look forward to its installation. Thanks! —Fitoschido (talk) 2014-01-18T17:56:32 (UTC)

Your question here User_talk:GerryT

Hi Dennis, instead of redirecting these three pages, I would suggest to simply delete them. They do not have much content and as long as they exist, they had only very little views:

Instead, I think, it would be good to add a link to the LibreOffice - MS Office comparison table on the Marketing-page. What do you think?

Hi GerrT,
sorry for the very late response
well at least some people found the pages (somehow) and then they should be linked to any content. A redirection to some other existing pages is a fast and easy way to get some old stuff cleaned up.
Feel free to set new marketing pages up. I will help where I can. ;-)
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-10-09T13:20:10 (UTC)

Page move

Hi Dennis, you've moved the page "ES/Guía de estilo" to "Documentation/Glossary/es", which I think is a mistake. That page is not even a glossary, but a style guide, with a much broader scope. It's not a translation from Documentation/Glossary, and it's irrelevant to the rest of languages (so it shouldn't be linked to the other subpages of Documentation/Glossary). Fitoschido (talk) 2014-08-21T16:49:55 (UTC)

Merging Japanese Translation pages

Hi Dennis, I answer your question about the issue. Please visit my talk page and give me your comment.--Naruoga (talk) 2014-10-10T07:06:11 (UTC)

italian localization page

Dear Dennis, Please don't move/redirect the page , as it's used by all italian localizators. The page will be translated to italian here:

Can I also kindly ask you not to change pages created by l10n italian team? we're a very few people working on localization, so we don't have time to update wiki pages according to changes in the english wiki main site. Thank you. elcico :)

PDF Hybrid / Hybrid PDF renaming attempt

Dennis, thanks for your help on the IRC channel, and thanks for fixing the navigation problem I left in the Macros article. I noticed that one of the articles Faq/Writer/PDF_Hybrid referencing that article seemed to be incorrectly named, so I attempted use the Move command to rename it Faq/Writer/Hybrid_PDF. But for reasons that I cannot understand, that also moved the Russian version of the article from PDF Hybrid to Hybrid PDF and then immediately (if I understand the summaries in my editing history) immediately created a new Russian article called PDF Hybrid. Reluctant to do any more tinkering, I immediately reverted my move. But I am not sure the mess is fully cleaned up, especially on the Russian side. Could you please take a look, or forward this to the appropriate wiki discussion page for someone to fix? Apologies and thanks! Peter Chastain [¡habla!] 2015-07-29T01:32:24 (UTC)

sorry for the late reply. I already checked that case ~ a month ago, but I'm really busy. You reverted everytging correctly.
Your problem was/is that you activated the checkbox "Move subpages (up to 100)" on the move page where you type the target name.
I still do not understand which page you wanted to move to which name.
As you have created a new page by accident, you won't be able to move the pages again.
If you give me the source --> target, i will move them for you.
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2015-09-14T20:33:41 (UTC)

Non breaking space in French

Hi Dennis,

I noticed that you removed many non breaking spaces ( ) on French wiki FAQ pages. Please refrain from removing them, because they are compulsory in French typography before double punctuation such as ';' or ':'. Thanks for your hard job on wiki pages. Jumbo444 (talk) 2016-06-23T11:30:59 (UTC)

Hi Laurent,
Is that really needed? I mean, I cannot imagine that the editors on the French Wikipedia (as an example) have to do it that complex way for doing it on the wiki. Is there no technical solution for that? Yeah, I missed again that the French use spaces between the sentence and the punctuation... Sorry for that.
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2016-06-23T11:38:31 (UTC)
I do not know any other way. If you add a simple soft space, then it may create a lost punctuation at the begining of the line. May be some nbsp are not necessary, but why do you need to remove them? Does anybody read wiki code? ;-)
Jumbo444 (talk) 2016-06-23T12:37:00 (UTC)

BSA menu entry removed from Template:Menu.QA/fr.

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the update of the bar Template:Menu.QA/fr. I did not watch that page "Bug Submission Assistant (BSA)." was disabled... MDDN (Discuter) 2016-11-14T09:50:38 (UTC)