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International Marketing of Libre Office

Roswell, Georgia USA

14:45 (UTC -05) Saturday 12 November 2011

Hello Everyone:

I am not sure where to place this commentary and have decided that this will be the starting place.

With many companies they will include advertising in e-mails or SMS that are sent without specific user consent. Examples of this are, "Sent using X, Y, or Z hardware", or something similar.

With each e-mail that includes a PDF authored by myself, which is the way I prefer to write, I include the following test in the last section of the e-mail after the closing and the legal notifications.


The attached PDF file was created and exported using Libre Office, a Free Open Source office suite that is the product of an international collaboration for the Digital Commons and that of Open Source . It is available for Linux, Mac, Windows and other operating systems at:


in different languages.

The result of these efforts is such that the quality and dedication is beyond what any salaried employee of any major corporation could ever be monetarily motivated to deliver. The Digital Commons and that of Open Source Software, forms the foundation for true unrestricted creativity and value-adds artistically, economically, and intellectually. The Digital Commons and that of Open Source Software, does not hold progress and innovation captive to the legal force of restrictive licensing agreements. This is about unrestricted Liberty, the future, longevity, and the highest possible evolution of true achievements.


The purpose of this to bring attention to the fact there is a real alternative to the normal commercial status quo.

What I would like is to see everyone who uses Libre Office consider doing the same.

Please feel free to use and modify this as you see fit.

All the Best,