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I sent you an email through the wiki, but maybe it got lost? I will re-add it here:

When creating new pages for translation, please use the new system with Translate extension. See what I did for one of your pages to prepare it: (Ignore the tags like <!--T:1--> because they are inserted automatically)

It is unrelated, but do not use level 1 headings like = Base = in the content.

You can migrate existing translations after your have clicked "Mark this page for translation" and the button to mark for translation. You have to wait about 5 minutes for the page to be processed. Then go to and input the translation path. In this case I input Macros/Basic/Base/es and clicked Import button.

In the migration page, you have to make sure the left field always matches the right field. There can be no extra fields in the right column, so those need to be deleted with the trash icon.--Beluga (talk) 2019-10-06T09:27:05 (UTC)

I got your email reply, but the reply address does not exist (Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender). It may be possible to change your email in [1] as the wiki uses the single sign-on system. What I wrote: Ok, I already edited some of your pages.
Anyway, in the future you have to use the new system, if you want to translate. Today I re-wrote the wiki translation guide:
I hope it helps.--Beluga (talk) 2019-10-10T12:18:15 (UTC)