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Proposal Referencing Systems in LibreOffice:

Discussion: Referencing Systems in LibreOffice (LO): (Status) = New Draft

Future Proposal:

  1. The default bibliographic referencing system (and database) is complex and difficult to use by default in LibreOffice. I found it time consuming to insert citations and a bibliography.
  2. Little documentation has been made about the bibliographic referencing system in LO. I read the help documentation and wiki online, and have viewed a online video about bibliography referencing in LibreOffice, it is vastly minimal but then is complex to use the referencing system and to follow the direct steps!
  3. Compatibility does not work between Proprietary Software and LibreOffice with the usage of both referencing systems from either Proprietary Software or LibreOffice, features are excluded or do not work.
  4. Recent versions of Proprietary Software since 2007 have tried to create versions of referencing and bibliographic citations. These systems work, but are still limited.
  5. LO should create a new referencing system.

Proposing ideas and bug fixes and changes in proprietary software probably isn't the right direction unless LibreOffice have developers that are working in partnership on referencing systems in proprietary software. Which I believe at this stage they do not.

Existing Default Referencing System in LibreOffice:

Usage of Extensions in LO for Referencing Systems: