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Hello ,

I am new to LibreOffice , but I find very frusting the way is organized ;

A) I try to create a macro in Calc spreadsheet . I discover that "record a new macro" command is there ,but when added to the toolbar becomes invisible .

B ) I tried to file a bug report : I lost more than one hour and I am not sure if my bug report was registered.

Conclusion : I do not have much time , but as a user I like to report bugs and way to make libreoffice more efficient for the users . I have not much time and I am going to use the spreadsheet that help me to save time . To be able to record a new macro is the first utlity that I look in any software .

Can some one expert of this system look in the matter and fnd the solution ?



Hi Piero,

The Record Macro toolbar button does work, but the feature must be turned on in the options menu first. Here are the steps to follow:

From the Tools menu, select Options, expand the LibreOffice section by clicking the plus sign, and select General. On the right, place a check in the checkboxes for Enable experimental (unstable) features and Enable macro recording. Now click Ok.

If you have added the Record Macro button to your toolbar, the button will show. If not, go to Tools, then Customize, then Toolbars. To add it to the Standard toolbar, click Add, click Basic, click Record Macro and click Add. Now click Ok. The button will then show on the Standard toolbar. Hope this helps.