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Proposal for a new splash screen concept

Hi everyone, I have designed 3 new splash screen concepts for LibreOffice, I recommend this because I think the modern and simplicity of the designs will bring a more elegant and modern welcome screen to the users. I hope you like it and every opinions and suggestions are welcome!

Concept 1
A LibreOffice logo with circular clockwise progress bar, only logo and progress bar shown.

Libreoffice Splash Screen Design 1.png

Concept 2
A LibreOffice logo with progression bar which is the logo's black gradient colour, the colour will fill all it's way to the top until the full LibreOffice logo colour showed up.

Libreoffice Splash Screen Design 2.png

Concept 1 - Variation
Same as the concept 1 but with a addition white colour base progress bar.

Libreoffice Splash Screen Design 1 Variation.png