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The goal of this page is to list all current active forums and community pages within the LibreOffice community.



Website Description Screenshot general LibreOffice forum Libreofficeforum.png German LibreOffice forum Libreoffice-forum-de.png Danish LibreOffice forum Czech LibreOffice and OpenOffice forum

Open Office

Website Description Screenshot German forum on LibreOffice and Apache Open Office Portal to forums in different languages about AOO and LibreOffice U.s.oo.o-fr.png Russian open office forum German open office forum Ooo-forum-de.png


Website Description Screenshot English forum
" is the only independent portal dedicated to StarOffice users."

Portals / Social Media Services

Website Description Screenshot Czech forum LibreOffice on Facebook LibreOffice on Google+ LibreOffice Community on Google+ LibreOffice on Twitter



Website Description Screenshot
The Document Foundation Wiki The MediaWiki you are looking at..


Website Description Screenshot the official Wiki by the Apache project
W.s.oo.o.png German MoinMoin
De-wiki.png Japanese OOo wiki


Website Description Screenshot a website that offers several LibreOffice related projects to be sponsored a website that offers bounties for several LibreOffice bugs to be fixed

Other / Mail

Website Description Screenshot subreddit about LibreOffice
Unofficial Mail Archive Nabble Unofficial Document Foundattion Mail Archive Oucv-udfma.png