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Make it just work, and look great too!

We're in charge of both user experience (UX) design (interaction design for the best utility, usability, and accessibility of LibreOffice and its website) and graphical design (visual identity elements, artwork, UI polish, and other design work).

System-users.png Get Involved!

Join the discussion. Either subscribe to our mailing list by sending an empty e-mail to or post a message to the list via Nabble. Make sure to join our weekly IRC chat on Saturday at 18:00 GMT on the #libreoffice-design channel as well. To see our past IRC chats, visit our Meetings page.

Help with what we're working on. Take a look at the "Our Current Endeavors" section below. Give your feedback about the proposed designs or, if there's a call for proposals, submit a proposal yourself.

Submit an idea. If you have a great design idea for LibreOffice, tell us about it on the mailing list. If you need a place to host your mockups or a thorough description of your idea, use your user page on this wiki.

Get in touch with developers using the UX advise mailing list for the purpose.

Work on accessibility. Either subscribe to the accessibility mailing list by sending an empty e-mail to or post a message to the list via Nabble.

For a more thorough choice of mailing list options, see the LibreOffice Mailing List page.

Current.png Our Current Endeavors

To get an idea of how the design process goes, read through our idea workflow.

Call for Proposals

Analyzing Proposals (Postponed)

Graphics.png Graphics

All graphics produced for LibreOffice or its website should be published under an open-source license and its source should be editable within an open-source image editor, such as Inkscape, GIMP, or Pencil. PNG is our preferred format for images you upload to the wiki, SVG is our preferred format for source files of vector images.

For a thorough review of tools you might want to use, see the tools page.

Resources.png Resources

Take a look at our visual elements page, where you can find graphics to base your design on.

If you'd like to design icons, take a look at the Tango Desktop Project, the style LibreOffice currently uses.