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Help Us Make LibreOffice 4.0.0 a Great Release

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The first stable release of LibreOffice 4 will be arriving in February of 2013. LibreOffice Developers worldwide have been hard at work patching bugs, adding additional features and implementing enhancement requests. Now it's time for the equally important task of quality checking their hard work in order to ensure that the latest and greatest LibO release will be amazing.

We will be putting LibreOffice 4.0.0 Beta 1 to the test during an international, 6 day test marathon and we want to invite EVERYONE to participate! The testing will begin on December 14th and continue through December 19th. Our goals during the week are to:

  • Find and report as many bugs as possible before release
  • Notify developers immediately of any especially problematic regressions/bugs
  • Confirm bugs that are already reported against Version 4.+
  • Verify bug fixes that have already been submitted against previously reported bugs

Together we help to make LibreOffice 4.0.0 a great one! Join our LibreOffice 4.0 Test Marathon from December 14 to 19 ! With your help we can ensure that the 2nd Beta release, the Release Candidate, and finally the stable release in February continue to improve for the community at large :)

How to join

When: December 14 to 19

Any time you want ... the more experienced members of our QA community will try be there as much as possible, to help as mentors. If you have any questions, here is a list of QA members who have experience working with LibO as well as their IRC chat name, feel free to ping them at any time during the week for assistance:

  • Joel Madero (jmadero)
  • Florian Reisinger (reisi007)

What to test

We aim at

  • doing a really lot of testing on the 4.0.0
  • handling the already filed issues, so that all are well described, and clear for the developers to step in!

There are always more ways to test: do your regular tasks, structured tests, or playing with the new features..
Choose what suits best for you  :-) All testing is great and important!
So take one of those:

  • your own favorite features
  • look at the (draft) release notes
  • pick up some tests from the standard test cases.
  • Also, we will try give some useful queries at this place later, that will lead you to bugs that need some checking:

Find a bug?

When you are really sure: add it to our bug database. When you want to discuss it, use chat or mail, fast and direct.

If there is a bug that you want to pin point as clear as possible, then bibisect will be a great tool to find when the bug was introduced.

Get a little support

Other QA volunteers, testers, are at irc and the mail list to help with any question.
More info on working with our test cases, is here
If you have an idea for a test case, feel welcome to post this at our QA mailing list