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Equipo del Website

The LibreOffice Website Team aims to maintain and enhance our website, wiki, planet and other web infrastructure. At the moment, it primarily works on the LibreOffice international website (http://www.libreoffice.org), and supports the creation of local websites for our worldwide community.

The next steps for both the website team, and the website infrastructure are currently being planned. If you are interested, then please join the website team.

Contribuciones y soporte

Question: How to provide feedback concerning the website?
Answer: Please add any feedback to the Feedback wiki page. Or, you can contact the website team on the website mailing list.

Question: How to join the website team?
Answer: There is no formal process, but subscribing to the website mailing list. Once there, please introduce yourself and tell us what you are interested in. You may also have a look on our LibreOffice website Get Involved page for Web Admins to get an idea what skills might be helpful.

Question: I want to share an idea, how to do that?
Answer: For ideas that can be described quickly, please send it to our mailing list. Don't send any files (attachments) to the mailing list, since they will get automatically removed. Instead, please upload the files to an other website (e.g. photo website), or to this wiki. If you want to describe your thoughts thoroughly, it will make sense to explain your aim in the wiki - e.g. on your personal wiki page. Then, please tell us via a mail to the website mailing list.

Canales de comunicación

The primary communication channel for the website team is the mailing list, since it is accessible for most people in all the time zones. You'll always find a helping hand there :-)

Canales de comunicación
Lista de correo publica website@global.libreoffice.org Please subscribe to mailing lists before sending messages.
Phone Conference Calls

Twitter #LOWeb

The Document Foundation Planet

What is a Planet?

Actividades e items de trabajo

Topic Sub-Topic Tasks Comments Last Update
Status Responsible
Silverstripe Website Website
  • Creación de contenido
  • Mantenimiento de infraestructura

The LibreOffice website is live on [1]. We are currently seeking individuals interested in writing original content for the site relating to the LibreOffice product and community. If you wish to improve a page on the current website without becoming an editor or publisher on the Silverstripe CMS please post your suggestions on the Development page.

  • Current State: Site is implemented and running, incremental improvements until longer term solution is established.
  • CMS Information: SilverStripe Project Website
  • Website/Development: information collection to enable iterative improvements by the website team
  • Information Architecture: Current website IA/Skeleton structure and proposals for improving it
2011-01-30 Active Website Team
Silverstripe Website
  • Collect feedback for the website
  • Plan the review and propose changes
  • Implement the changes
Website Team
LibreOffice Wiki Creation tbd

The LibreOffice Wiki will be an end user support and information system which will allow the creation of tutorials for the end user, by the end user. Many open source project have a main product wiki for this type of support, such as most Linux distributions

2011-01-30 Proposed tbd
Mail System
LibreOffice Mail Attachment Service
  • Implementation
  • Test

Enable sending attachments to mailing lists and keep in mind: security, traffic, ease-of-use, costs and misuse potential.

LibreOffice Mail Attachment Service

Admin Team
... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Roles y responsabilidades

To maintain a high level of quality, the website team makes use on the infrastructure's capabilities to assign different roles: "Authors" who provide content, and "Publishers" who will confirm content to make it publically available. Nevertheless, our goal is to have an open open and collaborative approach - everybody who is both interested and experienced is asked to contribute and to join our effort.

If you need help, then please ask on the website list, refer to the list of tasks and volunteers, or contact:

  • Infrastructure: Christian Lohmaier
  • Textual Content: David Nelson
  • Design: Ivan Miskovic (Design Team)
  • User Experience: Christoph Noack (Design Team)

Siguiente paso en el mapa de trabajo

At a meeting of the LibreOffice steering committee 27/10/2010 a decision was made to quickly implement a temporary site based on the SilverStripe CMS which will provide information about the project until a final solution is implemented. The final solution for the website infrastructure was decided to be a Drupal based installation as the code is very flexible and powerful. Silverstripe has been agreed to be the default website CMS, with an option to consider a Drupal website in the future.

Documentos y recursos