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This page is dedicated to the AB meeting organization and is a kind of checklist for members who set it.

  • Define two weeks with several dates/hours for both
  • Set a Doodle calendar with time zone available
  • No later than a month before, send invitation to the AB list and in person, giving an overview of the agenda

  • Fill Doodle with the feedback
  • Two weeks before the date, check with the Board that the chosen date will be ok for all
  • Check that the room that will be used for the call will be free

  • Two weeks before the meeting, the agenda should be set by the Board
  • Work on the slides should begin based on the agenda

  • One week before send the final date to the list and to the members
  • Close the Doodle poll
  • Send an Ical to all Advisory Board and Board members

  • Send a personal/individual reminder mail / call with each AB rep. - with the correct time in their timezone to each AB member, asking them to come.
  • Check that the slide are finalized

  • Send the slide to the list two hours before the call.