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"Chart Styles" is an often requested feature to easily assign charts a certain set of styles (colours/pattern of data representation, line width, background colour, charting background, type of legend a.o) to a chart. This is necessary if an author wants to create consistent charts in a publication or if a document aims at different publication format (e.g. coloured charts for online publications, but black&white for print).

Related issues and requirements

  • FORMATTING: enhancement: please add "chart styles" to the styles of Calc: tdf#62925.
  • Chart: Add greyscale mode to chart colours / ability to convert coloured charts to greyscale: tdf#39097.
  • Providing chart styles / color presets tdf#90490.
  • Add ability to change the default chart type: tdf#64886.
  • Allow to use Draw shape styles to format shapes drawn inside charts. There is a similar issue regarding Major Feature Improvements for LibreOffice/Apache OpenOffice of the OSB Alliance (Use Case 3: Implement styles in all content elements of Writer). Moreover, it would be interesting to manage the components of a chart (lines, textboxes, etc) through shape styles.


  • There is currently no development in the area of chart styles.

Competitive Analysis

Excel 2010 chart styles
Excel 2010 legend styles
Stata graph schemes
  • Gnumeric supports user styles for charts.
Gnumeric user styles for charts