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Different curve shapes with text


This video shows in the example how text can be arranged in a circle.

Text can basically be aligned to curves.

Since objects can be converted to curves, text can also be aligned to any object or curve.

This description refers to LibreOffice 6.

Link to the Video

Link to the Video (in German [DE]): Schrift an Formen ausrichten in Draw - LibreOffice 6

Align font to a circle

Drop-Down-Menu: "Convert" "to curve"
Circle enclosed with text

Customize toolbar

Open Draw.

For our purposes you use the Drawing_Toolbar.

If it is not visible, it can be selected from the menu with View ▸ Toolbars.

Right click on the tear-off bar (Customizes alternatives) and select "Customize Toolbar..." off.

In the "Customise" dialog box the "Toolbars" Tab select.

Then select "Category" = "Format".

At "Function", "Fontwork" click on it.

Click the right arrow in the middle (Add entry).

Click on OK.

The "Drawing" toolbar now has the Symbol "Insert Fontwork-Text" to get it done.

Draw a circle

On the "Drawing" toolbar, select the "Circle" icon 201801 HB LO Symbol Kreis.png off.

In principle, any object (circle, square, rectangle, hexagon, octagon, etc) can be used.

Draw a circle.

In the sidebar, select "None" for "Area and Fill".

The circle is now transparent and has a coloured border.

Convert circle to curve

Right click on the circle.

Choose Convert and in Curve from the drop down menu.

The circle is now defined as a curve.

Add text

You double-click on the circle so that the cursor flashes in the middle of the circle.

Now you can write the desired text.

Here in the example you write: "This is a long text ".

Please insert a space directly after the word "Text ".

You click on the symbol "Insert Fontwork-Text".

Rotate text

The "Fontwork" Dialog Box.

In it you click on the Symbol "Rotate".

This causes the text to be placed on the arc.

However, the text does not yet go around the circle.

Close text around the circle

To make the text enclose the entire circle, click on the "Auto Text Size" Symbol.

Now the text goes completely around the circle.

You can now also see why a space was inserted after the word "text".

It provides the distance to the beginning of the sentence.


The appearance depends on many factors.

These are, for example: font, text length and circle size.

Change circle border

If the circle edge is disturbing, you can set the line color in the sidebar to "white".

Customizes alternatives for toolbar - from LO70

In LibreOffice version 7.0 and higher the toolbars are fixed by default.

This is noticeable by the fact that the so-called tear-off bar is not visible.

Independent of the tear bar, you can right-click on the left side of a toolbar to select "Customize toolbar...". can be made.

The vertical dividing lines in a toolbar can also be used as a selection point for the right click.

If the tear-off bar is not available, you can also right-click on the toolbar to remove the check mark for "Fix toolbar".

The tear-off bar is then visible again and the toolbar can be released from the edge position.

Basically the dialogue box "Customize" can always be reached via the menu Tools ▸ Customize....

Further Informations

Documentation / Manuals

Documentation / Manuals

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