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    Branding rationale


    This graphic showcases a remarkable use of color and geometry in the form of an isometric collage that represents everything LibreOffice can do.

    Usage examples




    Document Liberation

    ODF Toolkit

    The Document Foundation


    Our main typefaces are Murecho and Brygada 1918. Murecho is a versatile and legible sans-serif with coverage for Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji ideographs as well as the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets. Brygada is a unique serif family which can be used for accent applications and for body text in reports and other long-form materials; it covers the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets. Other scripts can be written using fonts from the Noto project. These typefaces are all free and open-source.


    Colors play an important role in making the brand stand out and to communicate its value.


    The main brand color for LibreOffice is #18a303 .

    LibreOffice application colors

    This vibrant palette constitutes a coherent whole and forms the basis on which the file-type icons and application icons were developed.

    Module Base Shade Accent Tint
    Writer #083fa6 #1a85d1 #2dcbfd #9ae9f9
    Calc #007c3c #3cbc45 #78fc4e #b4f48b
    Draw #cb6d30 #e5b443 #fffb57 #f9e186
    Impress #d0120d #e75729 #fe9c45 #fecfb5
    Math #c10018 #e02d57 #ff5a96 #fda8b3
    Base #7324a9 #b63ad3 #fa51fd #fa9bfd

    Document Liberation

    The main brand color for the Document Liberation Project is #0369a3 .

    ODF Toolkit

    There is no brand guidance for the ODF Toolkit project at this time.

    The Document Foundation

    The main brand colors for the Document Foundation itself are black and white , as seen in the “dog-ear sheet” logo. In certain TDF sites that encompass more than one project under its umbrella (such as the wiki), a gradient strip with the main brand colors of those projects may be used too.

    Background colors for web design

    These are neutral shades for surface layering. TODO: extract and harmonize from both and



    The logo is both used to represent the software "LibreOffice" and to refer to its home - The Document Foundation.

    Guidelines and Best Practices

    LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Colors Guidelines Valid2.png

    Space is information, although it seems that "nothing" is there. So please avoid to place any other elements close to the logo. More detailed, at least half the width of the "Document Symbol" is used for:

    • space around the logo
    • between the "Document Symbol" and the logo text
    LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Logo Guidelines Spacing.png
    LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Logo Guidelines Valid2.png *You may use a stand alone "LibreOffice" text.
    LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Logo Guidelines Valid3.png * You may use a stand alone "Document Symbol".
    LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Logo Guidelines Invalid1.png * Don't change the position or the order of the branding elements.
    LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Logo Guidelines Invalid2.png * Don't change the logo by e.g. adding additional graphic elements to the "Document Symbol".
    LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Logo Guidelines Invalid3.png * Don't change the aspect ratio of the graphic by stretching it (e.g. changing either height or width). Please keep the aspect ratio and take care that the graphic works pixel perfect on any display.
    LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Logo Guidelines Invalid4.png * Dont' change the spacing of the elements. In this example, the minimum size between "Document Symbol" and the logo text is too small.

    Derivative Logos

    Logos that don't represent the LibreOffice software or the Document Foundation, but are related to it in some way, may use the LibreOffice symbol to show the relationship they have to it without adhering to the above guidelines. Examples of derivative logos are logos of the individual LibreOffice modules or the LibreOffice Design Team logo. As the LibreOffice logo is a trademark of the Document Foundation, only official LibreOffice projects may use these derivative logos.

    Usage Examples


    The LibreOffice logo consists of a symbol resembling sheet of paper with a cut-off right upper corner (like an arrow pointing up) and the writing "LibreOffice". For official representation of the community a sub-line "The Document Foundation" can be added, other appearances should use the version without subline.

    For details please have a look at the Logo policy wiki page.

    Logo resources for official representation

    Color Logo Basic Color Logo Contemporary Grayscale Logo Black/White Logo Inverted Logo
    Format Type Width LibreOffice Initial-Artwork-Logo ColorLogoBasic 500px.png LibreOffice Initial-Artwork-Logo ColorLogoContemporary 500px.png LibreOffice Initial-Artwork-Logo GrayscaleLogo 500px.png LibreOffice Initial-Artwork-Logo BlackWhiteLogo 500px.png LibreOffice Initial-Artwork-Logo InvertedLogo 500px.png
    PNG Bitmap 2000px Download (PNG large) Download (PNG large) Download (PNG large) Download (PNG large) Download (PNG large)
    PNG Bitmap 500px Download (PNG small) Download (PNG small) Download (PNG small) Download (PNG small) Download (PNG small)
    EPS Bitmap ? Download (EPS, 300dpi, rasterized!)
    EPS Vector Download (EPS)
    Download (EPS)
    Download (EPS)
    Download (EPS)
    SVG Source Vector Download (SVG) containing all logo styles (open this in Inkscape for further details)

    Logo resources for community members and external use

    If the LibreOffice Logo is used by people not representing The Document Foundation, by single community members or outside the community, a logo without the subline "The Document Foundation" should be used.

    This logo is available as SVG source file as well as ready-to-use PNG files in different scales:

    Image PNG raster format (RGB color model) SVG vector format (RGB color model) EPS vector format (CMYK color model) other formats/color models (Pantone, HKS)
    LibreOffice external logo
    100 px width

    200 px width
    300 px width
    600 px width
    1200 px width
    3000 px width

    SVG source file Please ask at the Design mailing list for such files Please ask at the Design mailing list for such files

    LibreOffice introduced the Community flavor with release 7.1.

    LibreOffice community logo