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[13:52] == LLyaudet [58ab762a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #libreoffice-design
[14:25] == abhra [~dr@] has joined #libreoffice-design
[14:28] <LLyaudet> Hi abhra
[14:29] <abhra> hi LLyaudet
[14:30] <abhra> no 1 else in the chat so far! hi mahfiaz
[14:30] <LLyaudet> No unfortunately
[14:32] <LLyaudet> I don't know if Samuel's doodle distracted people from coming
[14:32] <LLyaudet> Given the topics to discuss we're not enough right now
[14:32] <abhra> :)
[14:33] <abhra> exactly. lets wait for some more time
[14:33] <LLyaudet> Are you interested in some of the coordinator positions ?
[14:35] <abhra> i do not have enough free time. that is the problem.
[14:36] <LLyaudet> unfortunatley that is the problem for many of us
[14:40] <abhra> :(
[15:34] <abhra> LLyaudet, dont think any1 else is going to come.
[15:34] <abhra> bye for today
[15:40] <LLyaudet> ok see you abhra
[15:42] == abhra [~dr@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[16:23] == jphilipz [~Jay@] has joined #libreoffice-design
[16:23] <jphilipz> i guess the meeting finishe
[16:38] <jphilipz> hey LLyaudet, so how was the meeting
[16:38] <LLyaudet> Hi jphilipz, it didn't really start. Abhra was here one hour ago but since we were only two we couldn't discuss the topics
[16:39] <LLyaudet> Were you distracted by Samuel's doodle ?
[16:39] <jphilipz> no i hadnt seen the results until now and had planned to be hear at 12 utc, but i overslept :D
[16:40] <LLyaudet> ok ><
[16:40] <jphilipz> i had set my alarm and asked my wife to wake me up, but i might have been to dead to the world
[16:41] <jphilipz> so what time zone are you in
[16:41] <LLyaudet> I don't know how many people will show up at 20:00UTC but I will not be able to participate at that time
[16:41] <LLyaudet> I'm UTC+2 (France)
[16:41] <LLyaudet> and you ?
[16:43] <jphilipz> +4
[16:43] <jphilipz> (United Arab Emirates)
[16:44] <jphilipz> so will Abhra come at 20 utc
[16:44] <LLyaudet> I don't think so
[16:44] == Papamatti [~Thunderbi@2a00:c1a0:4681:1900:2ded:dcb2:75fb:135e] has joined #libreoffice-design
[16:45] <LLyaudet> What would you prefer : next meeting in one month, next meeting next sunday ?
[16:45] <LLyaudet> Hi Papamatti
[16:45] <jphilipz> i'm fine with it being whenever
[16:46] <LLyaudet> Will both of you be able to be here at 20:00UTC ?
[16:47] <jphilipz> i will be able to attend it
[16:49] <jphilipz> i think it would have been fine if you and Abhra had discussed the issues, so we could have heard your points of view in the 20 utc meeting
[16:50] <LLyaudet> Well none of us would have been here. You would only have the logs of our chats and we should also particpate in the decisions.
[16:51] <jphilipz> atleast we would have been able to hear your points of view, but if you both of you arent here at the 20 utc meeting we would be able to do that
[16:51] <LLyaudet> If the majority  prefers 20:00 UTC it's ok with me but someone will have to remplace me as an IRC chat moderator since I cannot be there at 20:00 UTC
[16:52] <LLyaudet> I propose we organize aonther meeting next week
[16:52] <jphilipz> so would 16 utc be fine with you
[16:52] <LLyaudet> 16:00UTC is ok
[16:52] <LLyaudet> If we set a doodle for next week meeting everyone has time to vote
[16:54] <LLyaudet> Can you tell the people coming at 20:00 UTC that the meeting is postponed to next week and there will be another doodle for that ?
[16:55] <jphilipz> i can let them know
[16:55] <jphilipz> you want to setup the doodle and post it in the thread
[16:56] <LLyaudet> Ok good. I'll take care of the doodle and the post
[16:57] <jphilipz> so any topics in particular you had wanted to discuss this meeting
[17:01] <LLyaudet> all the topics Mirek listed in the thread had to be discussed
[17:02] <jphilipz> when you get a chance, can you let me know what you think of these icons -
[17:03] <Papamatti> LLyaudet: Hi! :-)
[17:03] <jphilipz> hey Papamatti
[17:03] <jphilipz> any updates on the sifr icons
[17:05] <jphilipz> Papamatti: let me know what you think -
[17:06] <Papamatti> Sorry, I did overtimes at my  job, so I had no time to work at sifr. I'm happy that my changes are merged with 4.4 master now.
[17:06] <Papamatti> jphilipz: Ok, let me  read first
[17:12] <Papamatti> I think the icons are nice.
[17:14] <LLyaudet> Ok sorry guys but I must go. I'll post the logs on the wiki. If you want you can continue on IRC and post the rest of the logs when you have finished. Good job on the icons. I like the Omega. See you
[17:15] <jphilipz> LLyaudet: alright take care