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     Dec 20, 2014; 1:35pm Jan Holesovsky-4
     Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2014-12-17
    * Present: Heiko, Jay, Kendy Steve, Stuart
    * Completed Action Items:
        + Jay: Create a blog post to collect templates that we could
          [ collected the categories, wrote up 2 paragraph for initial
            announcement, awaiting feedback now ]
            + Thursday - feedback + send to the marketing ML
            + Monday / Tuesday - go live with the announcement
            + please feel free to update (Jay)
            + pending on the Marketing now - too many announcements ATM
    * Pending Action Items:
        + Jay: Ask what is the plan with the templates on the new Extensions
        + Jay: Send a mail to [hidden email] with the
          wiki page that collects changes in menus
        + Kendy: Collecting of the user information should be incremental,
          somewhere in the user's profile
        + Ahmed: Push the new Sifr icons he's done recently
        + Kendy: Talk to Milos wrt.
        + Alex: Gnome 2.20-style 'a' icons & Gnome 3-style text line icons
        + Kendy: try to do a link to the Templates site for 4.4 - not too

        + Samuel: Formulas and Navigator should open in the sidebar, not as
          a special window

    * UI changes integrated the last week:
        + Made (all) the dialogs that contain edit boxes resizable (Kendy)
        + Context menu crop activates interactive crop rather than crop
          dialog (Joel)

        + Enable start from current slide and add its tango icons (Jay)
        + Swapping Yes/No order on Windows (Adolfo)
        + Icon / context menu entry for Format -> Image (Jay)
    * Last week's discussions that need a resolution:
        + Reassigning F11 to full screen (Jay)

            + wanted to have this resolved - old report (Jay)
            + many people seem to be against that (Kendy)
            + let's not change it (Stuart)
            + it's a bit different to full-screen in Firefox anyway (Stuart)
            + consensus: close as WONTFIX
        + Start center not using last window size (Qubit)

            + would need to check the code (Kendy)
                + I recall there is some forcing of size (at least) but not
                  100% sure (Kendy)
            + the user expected that it would open according to the last
              edit of that document (Stuart)
            + unclear if the proposed change brings enough better usability (Kendy)
                + but definitely it's quite a lot of work (Kendy)
            + suggest to keep as it is (Kendy)
            + room for improvement (Stuart)
                + but would be invasive (Stuart)
                + cannot have the configuration in the file format (Stuart)
                    + maybe only in the recent documents (Kendy)
            + conclusion: WONTFIX probably, patches to improve situation
              won't be rejected though :-)
        + INDEX function returns #VALUE error when optional arguments are
          omitted (Qubit)

            + Calc guys taking over - more a technical problem (Jay)
        + Instant tooltips in start center (Jay)

             + should be the system setting (Heiko)
             + there is a setting that also hides the tooltip (for
               accessibility) (Stuart)
                 + wow - a stupid option - should be system's setting (Heiko)
                 + we should remove that, and use whatever is in the system (Heiko)
             + but the start center should be visually appealing (Steve)
             + actually it would be possible to shorten the paths in some
               clever way (Kendy)
                 + evaluate if the documents have different names, etc. (Kendy)
             + not many places where you can get the entire URL (Stuart)
                 + so it is useful to have the URL there (Stuart)
                 + agreed (Jay)
             + conclusion: Let's keep it as it is, because:
                 + not good to mess with the system settings / do something
                   different than what are the system's settings
                 + URL's are useful
        + Was the colored 'X' button in start center replaced with grayscale
          ones on purpose (Jay)
          In 4.4 and master, the start center 'X' button seems suitable for
             + probably Adolfo changed that? (Stuart)
             + the red cross was there because I did not have a better
               icon :-) (Kendy)
             + actually red means "danger! stop!" (Jay)
                 + ah right, Firefox uses red too (Kendy)
    AI       + conclusion: Sync with Adolfo if he's OK with using red (but
               the same style) (Jay)
        + Should addition of border around an image have padding or not (Jay, Joel)

             + the problem with this setting is that it makes the _image_
               smaller not that the border is _added_ to the (unscaled)
               image (Kendy)
                 + consequently every time the border is > 0, then the image
                   looks incorrect (Kendy)
             + conclusion: agree to change it to 0 as Jay suggests
                 + because that way it does not distort the picture
    AI:          + create Easy Hack (Kendy)
        + New windows stay in background, don't get focus (Heiko)

             + sounds as a bug :-) (Kendy)
             + if we get more duplicates, please MAB it
    * QA <-> Design communication in bugzilla
        + Jay discussed with the QA guys now
        + they will suggest some guidelines (Jay)
            + basically will not touch anything ux-advise
        + fine with that for bugs reported by users (Stuart)
        + the question is what do _we_ do with all the ux-advise bugs? (Stuart)
            + what's the best? - bugzilla is great for backup (Stuart)
            + but for markups etc. it is not ideal (Stuart)
        + filing bugs himself when he wants to work on that (Jay)
        + some things are bugs without a question (Stuart)
        + as ux-advise / design, we should take some ownership there (Stuart)
            + concerned about overloading the Design team :-) (Kendy)
        + people can say anything - but question is if it is a good idea (Jay)
            + and the QA people don't know (Stuart)
        + QA should determine if it is a bug or a feature request (Stuart)
            + Cor + Stuart in both QA and Design actually (Stuart)
        + how many per week? (Kendy)
            + ~10 a week (Stuart)
            + that sounds bearable (Kendy)
        + not necessary to create a bug for every change (Kendy)
            + just go ahead & do that :-) (Kendy)
            + and report about that here in the meeting - if controversial,
              we can follow-up with the discussion
        + Bugzilla workflow proposal after the QA team meeting:
          1) issues opened as an enhancement of UX or in UI/Design elements
             should always be handled in Bugzilla UX-advise component.
          2) opened as UNCONFIRMED by anyone, or directly NEW by Design/UX
             team participants (including any Devs and QA folks)
          3) Design/UX team participants, or any QA review should go ahead
             and adjust the component to UX-advise and NEW
          4) Design/UX team should review proposal for completeness, ask OP
             for needed details, and add to weekly agenda
          5) while active, pending Design/UX consideration retain NEW, or
          6) if/when "voted" down from UX or Design perspective, close as
          7) if/when approved--retain as NEW, but what then?
          Q: should we retain issues in BZ UX-advise, or change BZ component
             to UI as now happens, or change to the affected LO component?
          Q: UI vs. specific component, any risk of losing track of
             Design/UX recommendations?
          Q: should we track the BZ issues on the Wiki anyway?
          Q: for Devs seeking quidance, how to communicate design or UI
          Q: any need to convey prioritization of ehancement or UI change,
             or impact on UX?
    * Impress/Draw share code problem with sidebar (Jay)
            + minor, actually (Jay)
            + will have a look when fixing something in sidebars, but will
              not look specifically then (Kendy)