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 Jan 08, 2015; 2:09pm Jan Holesovsky-4 
 Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-01-07

* Present: Heiko, Ibrahim, Jay, Kendy, Stuart
* Completed Action Items:
    + Kendy/Marketing: Publish the blog post to collect templates
    + Kendy: GSoC task (or so) for converting "Manage Changes..." to
      sidebar (instead of non-modal dialog) - proof of concept,
      thanks to the hackfest :-)
      Some improvements are needed - (Jay)
    + Kendy: try to do a link to the Templates site for 4.4 - not too
      [abandoned, cannot make it for 4.4]
    + Heiko, Jay: Impress survey results published
* Pending Action Items:
    + Jay: Ask what is the plan with the templates on the new Extensions site
      [Andreas mailed design@ ML, Jay will respond.]
    + Jay: Send a mail to [hidden email] with the
      wiki page that collects changes in menus
    + Kendy: Collecting of the user information should be incremental,
      somewhere in the user's profile
    + Ahmed: Push the new Sifr icons he's done recently
    + Kendy: Talk to Milos wrt.
    + Alex: Gnome 2.20-style 'a' icons & Gnome 3-style text line icons
    + Samuel: Formulas and Navigator should open in the sidebar, not as
      a special window
* Easy Hacks to be filed:
    + Kendy: Do / find someone / easy-hack-ize automatic opening of the
      Track changes toolbar when there are tracked changes
    + Kendy: Check how hard it is to make sidebar honor the icon size
    + Kendy: Easy Hack-ize fixing of uno commands that need to be
      duplicated in Draw and Impress
    + Kendy: Create Easy Hack for the Hi-contrast Sifr
    + Kendy: Adding 1.15 to the drop down list
    + Kendy: Research what is needed to do to only disable (not hide)
      the formula bar in Calc when Chart component is activated
    + Kendy: Tell Jay how to fiddle with the default position of
      toolbars (so that he can tweak the Chart's toolbars)
    + Kendy: Only activate image toolbar when an image is selected -
    + Adolfo: Create easy hacks for the options Design decided to drop
      since 2012:
    + Kendy: Should border around an image have no padding by default
* GSoC tasks to be filed:
    + Jay/Kendy: GSoC for application (color) themes.
    + Jay: add a Styles usability improvements section + list the
      various things to implement to GSoC-next ideas
          [styles previews in the sidebar etc.]
        + Ahmed, Jay: Brainstorm about some nice / more styles for Calc

          [longer term - maybe better to add to the GSoC Styles task?]
    + Kendy: More work around templates repository / online templates /
      integration into the start screen / ...
* UI changes integrated the last week:
    + [actually the last 3 weeks this time :-)]
    + New image context menu in Writer (Jay)
    + Rearrange slide/page context menu in Impress/Draw (Jay)
    + Rearrangement/Improvements to impress's format menu (Jay)
    + Rearrangement of Writer's frame toolbar (Jay)
    + Addition of wrap left and wrap right to Writer's context menu (Jay)
    + Improvements in the printing-related UI files (Adolfo)
    + Changes sidebar - implemented sidebar for change tracking (Kendy)
        + still work in progress of course; it's a bigger change :-)
    + Lots of src -> ui conversions / cleanups (Caolán)
    + Heading 3 and 4 again use Automatic color (Stuart)
        + google docs uses grey too - probably where it comes from (Jay)
        + we still can have a separate template with grey color (Kendy)
        + and it was the problem of html -> LibreOffice paste (Stuart)
    + Improvements in the sheet tabs in Calc (Tomaž)
        + draw sheet color even when selected (line at the bottom)
        + option to still draw tabs next to the scrollbar
    + Hi-DPI improvements (Tomaž)
        + scale menu icons
        + scale status bar icons
        + tabbar
    + Arrange help button in the secondary group in ui files (Adolfo)
* Bugzilla workflow / ux-advise bugs (Kendy)
    + turns out that it was not clear in
      that the'Bugzilla workflow proposal' is still only a proposal :-)
        + from my point of view, it has a flow that it forces every
          decision to be done in the meetings (Kendy)
    + amended proposal:
      1) issues created as an enhancement of UX or in UI/Design elements
         in bugzilla should be handled there under the UX-advise
         component [ie. not re-filed to some other tool]
          + when Design/UX people create ux-advise bugs, they'll set
            them directly to NEW
      2) for the UNCONFIRMED ux-advise bugs, anybody with the
         appropriate rights can:
          + set to NEW, when it has all the needed info (it is
            understandable what the bug is about, and what should the
            Design/UX team actually decide/advise)
          + set to NEEDINFO, when information is missing
      3) for the NEW ux-advise bugs, anybody from the Design/UX team
          a) provide the advice
              + for non-controversial topics - when there already is a
                general decision or existing HIG, etc.
              + technically this means to provide a comment in the bug
                (ideally with the URL to the decision / discussion /
                HIG / previously resolved similar bug / ...), and
                changing the component from ux-advise to:
                  + if it needs development, put it against the module
                    (Spreadsheet, Writer, ...)
                  + if it is OK to just adapt wording / .ui file / ...,
                    put it against UI module
              + if it is something trivial to do (change in the .ui
                file, change of color, etc.), add the ProposedEasyHack
                to the Keywords
                  + or even better, provide the how-to, and make it an
                    EasyHack directly
          b) reject the bug
              + when it is clearly against a decided approach or HIG
              + technically this means to provide reasoning why (ideally
                with the URL to the discussion / decision / HIG /
                previously resolved similar bug / ...) and closing as
              + please be _friendly_ in such cases, people can be touchy
                when rejecting their ideas
              + when the reporter objects the rejection, take it as a
                topic to the Hangout [ie. apply 3c)]
          c) take it to the design@ mailing list or the Design hangout
              + when the topic is potentially controversial
              + when you are not sure what's the best (more approaches
              + when you'd like to have insight from more people
              + (this is to avoid pollution of the bug with many
                discussion entries)
      4) For 3c), once the decision is made on the mailing list or in
         the meeting, somebody (ideally who proposed that as a topic)
         applies 3a) or 3b), based on the decision :-)
    + reasoning for the mailing list: not to pollute the bugs (Kendy)
        + bugs unusable for developers when >30 comments there (Kendy)
        + wiki not ideal either (Stuart)
        + stuff in redmine gone (Jay)
            + not backed up (Kendy)
    + hard part is the decisions for larger things (Stuart)
        + example look at
 or related
          fdo#48887 fdo#79730 (Stuart)
    + we don't have tasks for Design/UX newcomers (Heiko)
        + for now we can have Design EasyHack (?) (Kendy)
    + Heiko showed Kanban
        + nice - would need setup by the infra though (Kendy)
        + let's for now deal with stuff via bugzilla/mailing list still (Kendy)
    + there were also the following questions; answers based on the
      Q: should we retain issues in BZ UX-advise, or change BZ component
         to UI as now happens, or change to the affected LO component?
        + A: When the advice is provided, change to the affected LO
          component (preferred) or to UI (if it is a general thing)
      Q: UI vs. specific component, any risk of losing track of
         Design/UX recommendations?
        + A: No problem with losing track of the recommendations; if
          they are questioned, 3c) applies
      Q: should we track the BZ issues on the Wiki anyway?
        + A: No.
      Q: for Devs seeking quidance, how to communicate design or UI
        + A: Join the #libreoffice-design IRC channnel, participate in
          the design hangout, change the bug's component to ux-advise,
          send to the design@ ML, all that works :-)
      Q: any need to convey prioritization of ehancement or UI change,
         or impact on UX?
        + don't understand the question :-)
* Templates contest (Kendy)

    + Need to include a blank template for each app as well (?) (Jay)

    + Templates you like:
      + Writer
        + Ibrahim/Jay:
            + CVs: (1) Resume1page, (2) CurriculumVitae, (3) SimpleResume
            + Business Letter: (1) DIN 5008 B Letter, (2) Moderate
              business letter sans serif
            + Others: EN-guide-template (very nice but large), Project
              Charter Template (nice), Businesscard-with-logo (ok)
            * merge 'Submission Double line Title4authors' with
             'Submission Double Line Page4authors'
            * templates needing sample text: Lyrics booklet, Scientific
              manuscript v-0.0.1
      + Calc
      + Impress
        + Ibrahim/Jay: (1) Focus, (2) Midnightblue, (3) Transversal/OrgChartBlue,
          Golden Glow, Alizarin, OrangeCube, Custom (look is nice, color
          not nice), Books Template, Fiery

    + final choice after the discussion:
        + Writer: Resume1page, CV, Moderate business letter sans serif,
          Modern business letter serif, Businesscard-with-logo
        + Impress: Focus, Midnightblue, Impress, Alizarin, OrangeCube
          (though has only 1 master?), Transversal
            + turns out Transversal is too big, and OrangeCube does not
              have the cube in the master slide, so had to leave them
              out for now (Kendy)
* 4.4 Patches that need to be pushed (Jay)
    + (need instructions on how to fix this)
    + (Stuart's)
    + (Szymon's)
    + all but one pushed now (Kendy)
        + Jay will paste the follow up commit that was necessary on IRC