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Mar 12, 2015; 4:23am Jan Holesovsky
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-03-11
* Present: Andreas, Cor, Ibrahim, Heiko, Jay, Kendy, Mattias, Stuart

    + Welcome Andreas - he's done a ton of Breeze icons for LibreOffice
* Pending Action Items:
    + Default document view for Writer, single page rather than automatic
        + Stuart: Change the default to single page
        + Jay/Stuart: Change the tooltip to "Multipage view" or "Multiple page view"
          [ - would be great to get that to gerrit]
          AI: Stuart -- figure it out and get it posted.
    + Jay: Double check if we can change 'Spelling' to 'Spelling and Grammar'
    + Jay: Send a mail to [hidden email] with the wiki page that collects changes in menus
    + Kendy: Collecting of the user information should be incremental, somewhere in the user's profile
    + Ahmed: Push the new Sifr icons he's done recently
    + Kendy: Talk to Milos wrt.
    + Alex: Gnome 2.20-style 'a' icons & Gnome 3-style text line icons
    + Samuel: Formulas and Navigator should open in the sidebar, not as a special window
          + Is that issue for the Navigator too (I dont read it from the issue)
            and in Writer the choice anycase was to allow opening separate too. (Cor, after discussion on 20150128)
          + the bug report only discusses the separate formulas sidebar in calc (Jay)

* UI changes integrated the last week:

    + switching tabs with a mouse scroll wheel + other improvements in tabbar (Tomaž)
    + use system cursors for splits and sizebars (Rimas)
* Icon Updates / Issues
    + Sifr
    + Breeze (Andreas/Jay)
        + finished with ~80% (Andreas)
            + 1300 icons!
        + started based on Jay's request
        + most in the cmd/ is finished
        + Uri started with application icons, did 150, Andreas took over
        + looks at what the icon is used for (Andreas)
            + checks if they fit
        + now finished with the cmd/, and wondering about the other folders

        + Wiki with list of icons to design (Riddell)

        + custom LO icons

        + question: folder forumula/res
          refinp1.png and refinp2.png open and close folder
        + wrong size
             + will become an EasyHack
        + can Breeze become available in the default installation? (Andreas)
             + with this completeness, shouldn't be a problem; will bring it to ESC (Kendy)
        + are you pushing the icons to the repo? (Kendy)
             + Jay was creating .png's from .svg's, and pushing to the repo
             + push few commits through gerrit, and we'll get you the push access (Kendy)
* Table of Contents (Heiko/Jay)
    + Regina points out that some features are missing
        + should we revisit the design? (Heiko)
        + the main goal was to change the design to be more understandable (Jay)
        + various possibilities there - what we've done is the easiest to implement, while still improving (Kendy)
        + the main concern was that the new design works for Table of Contents, but not eg. for Bibliography
            + for that we can still present the old way (Cor)
            + sounds good (Heiko, Kendy)
        + ask in the blogpost if to change it at all (Heiko)
        + like the new design (Mattias)
* Modal dialogs bug (Heiko)
    + the bug as it is there is non-actionable (Kendy)
        + we need concrete problems - dialog XY should not be modal because of AB (Kendy)
        + welcome to consider such concrete bug reports (Kendy)
    + consensus: Close this one as INVALID or NOTABUG
* Friday's design session (Jay/Kendy)
    + 1pm UTC
    + this week will focus on the start center / CMIS resources
* Not using google docs for the design discussions (Adolfo, Sofie)
    + we are using for the meetings, no change (Kendy)
    + apologize for not sending the minutes the last month (Kendy)
        + fixing it now, have the data, just not sent yet
    + gdocs are used only for the designing new stuff that needs editing by more people (Kendy)
AI      + we can ask for new documentfoundation pad if that enables more people (Kendy)
            + or whether the TDF's ownCloud instance can do collaborative editing
        + if it does not bring more new people, or is problematic, revert back to gdocs for this (Kendy)
* Stuart reports about his first finished build
    + congrats! :-) (Kendy)
    + how much time did it take to build? (Heiko)
        + 2.5 hr (Stuart)
    + Stuart will push his patch now