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Mar 18, 2015; 2:39pm Jan Holesovsky
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-03-18
* Present: David, Heiko, Ibrahim, Jay, Kendy, Mattias
    + David for the first time - welcome! :-)

* Completed Action Items:

    + Not using google docs for the design discussions
      [turned out to be a misunderstanding - OK with that for now]

* Pending Action Items:
    + Default document view for Writer, single page rather than automatic
        + Stuart: Change the default to single page
        + Jay/Stuart: Change the tooltip to "Multipage view" or "Multiple page view"
          [ - would be great to get that to gerrit]
          AI: Stuart -- figure it out and get it posted.
    + Jay: Double check if we can change 'Spelling' to 'Spelling and Grammar'
    + Jay: Send a mail to [hidden email] with the wiki page that collects changes in menus
    + Kendy: Collecting of the user information should be incremental, somewhere in the user's profile
    + Ahmed: Push the new Sifr icons he's done recently
    + Kendy: Talk to Milos wrt.
    + Alex: Gnome 2.20-style 'a' icons & Gnome 3-style text line icons
    + Samuel: Formulas and Navigator should open in the sidebar, not as a special window
        + Is that issue for the Navigator too (I dont read it from the issue)
          and in Writer the choice anycase was to allow opening separate too. (Cor, after discussion on 20150128)
        + the bug report only discusses the separate formulas sidebar in calc (Jay)
    + Kendy:
         + check how the sliders in the Audio/Video toolbar are implemented to move them to sidebar
* UI changes integrated the last week:

    + Auto/No Fill now has a button (Adolfo)
    + new breeze icons integrated (Andreas Kainz/Jay)
    + many icons optimized (Andrew Dent)
* Icon Updates / Issues
    + Sifr
    + Breeze (Andreas/Jay)
        + Andreas will push to gerrit
            + pushed the changes sent via mail (Kendy)Kainz
            + looked like there were only few new icons - some got lost somewhere? (Kendy)
            + will ping Andreas (Heiko)
        + Breeze pushed today - (Jay)
            + conflict with Kendy's pushing :-) - fixed the links.txt (Kendy)
    + Extra-Large (32x32) Icons for hidpi
* Table of Contents (Heiko/Jay)
    + updated the design session document, finalized
        + one button less in the UI, will update the latest mockup
    + topic closed
* CMIS / online documents mockup (Heiko/Jay)
    + follow-up concerns
        + changing size of the dialog (Bjoern B.)
        + there are 2 good solutions; will be decided what's best (Heiko)
    + will publish with proposals for the solution of the concerns (Heiko)
        + can include more people this way indeed (Kendy)
AI  + will publish the blogpost (Heiko)
* Friday's design session (Jay/Kendy)
    + 1pm UTC
    + this week's theme: Insert Special Character split/group button and dialog
* Finished proposals

    + Change tracking sidebar proposal
    + CMIS / Online repositories
    + do we have a central place for collecting the finished ones?
        + Design Session Folder -
        + something that we can links from

        + CoreHacks - something like EasyHacks for the more advanced tasks (that need some mentoring)
    + the bug number in the bugzilla should be the entry point (Heiko)
        + to avoid confusion what is the 'ultimate' source
        + consensus: sounds good
* Uncluttering Impress default view and stop toolbars from poping up and hiding (Jay)
    + Disable object, image and text toolbars -
    + Move view tabs to left slide sidebar -
        + Jay will create the mockups
    + Add media playback features to sidebar, so its toolbar can be disabled -
        + Kendy needs to check implementation of the sliders
    + Slightly reduce the default sizes of the right and left sidebars
    + Do not hide slide pane in handout and slide sorter views
        + showing makes no sense with handout and sorter ? (Cor)
    + no real blockers to go ahead
* Uncluttering the Draw default view (Jay)

    + What an uncluttered Draw could look like -
        + some additional buttons might still be reduced (Jay)
    + showed it to youtube Draw tutorial maker and he thought it was good - 
    + idea is to make it more like the usual drawing applications
        + remove the pages previews on the left
        + just one toolbar row - to get more vertical space
        + sounds good to me (Kendy)
    + will go through the usage stats to see what can be further tweaked
    + biggest problem: need to convert the list of pages to a sidebar item
        + so that it is still possible to see the pages
AI      + let's create a CoreHack for that (Kendy)
             + part of the GSoC in the worst case
* Last week's discussions that need a resolution:

    + "Update style" in style context menu in styles and formatting
        + non-controversial, could become EasyHack
    + Make it possible to copy style options to another style
        + Jay filed a similar bug -
        + a picture would help in this bug report (Kendy)
    + Updating character style to match selection does not remove local formatting
        + inconsistency (Mattias)
        + needs a document showing the behavior (Kendy)
    + Style overrides could have a way to unset local changes (restore default?)
        + not sure how to visualize that (Mattias)
        + eg. some kind of [x] next to them that would remove that (Jay)
* Code pointer needed
    + is the sidebar state saved in some .xcu? (Jay)
        + sould be, if you have problems finding that, poke me please (Kendy)