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Apr 03, 2015; 1:46pm Jan Holesovsky
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-03-25 [now really :-)]

* Present: Heiko, Ibrahim (joined later), Jay, Kendy
* Completed Action Items:
    + Default document view for Writer, single page rather than automatic
        + Stuart: Change the default to single page
        + Jay/Stuart: Change the tooltip to "Multipage view" or "Multiple page view"
          [ - would be great to get that to gerrit]
          AI: Stuart -- figure it out and get it posted.
* Pending Action Items:
    + Jay: Double check if we can change 'Spelling' to 'Spelling and Grammar'
    + Jay: Send a mail to [hidden email] with the wiki page that collects changes in menus
    + Kendy: Collecting of the user information should be incremental, somewhere in the user's profile
    + Ahmed: Push the new Sifr icons he's done recently
    + Kendy: Talk to Milos wrt.
    + Alex: Gnome 2.20-style 'a' icons & Gnome 3-style text line icons
    + Samuel: Formulas and Navigator should open in the sidebar, not as a special window
        + Is that issue for the Navigator too (I dont read it from the issue)
          and in Writer the choice anycase was to allow opening separate too. (Cor, after discussion on 20150128)
            + the bug report only discusses the separate formulas sidebar in calc (Jay)
    + Kendy:
         + check how the sliders in the Audio/Video toolbar are implemented to move them to sidebar
* UI changes integrated the last week:
    + Draw's new UI (Jay)
        + Only thing pending is opening the sidebar by default
    + Removal of direct formatting from context menu (Jay)
        + Kendy can you push this if its okay -
    + Darker measurement numbers for the ruler (Jay)
        + One for you kendy :D -
* New Draw UI (Jay)
    + changes are in - drawing tools, toolbars
    + was able to change the size of the pages pane, but not possible to hide it
        + hopefully Rishabh will be able to change that
    + the Navigator should be made more useful / usable
        + Jay has a plan for that
        + Jay will provide the layout & mockup
    + Shapes sidebar will be a topic for Friday
* Icon Updates / Issues
    + Problems
        + Tango and sifr are having problems and are falling back on galaxy rather than industrial and parent links.txt (Jay)
AI:     + will create a bugreport (Jay)
    + Tango
        + Updated a number of icons (Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)

    + Sifr
        + Updated a number of icons (Jay)
        + Created a google doc with what things are pending to partially complete it and shared with Mathias and Ahmed (Jay)

    + Breeze (Andreas/Jay)
        + Pushed another round of updates as Andreas isnt able to get gerrit working (Jay)
        + Andreas published a blog on the icons being close to completion

        + Breeze will be bundled with 4.4 for next month's Kubuntu 15.04 release which uses Plasma 5

        + Update log between Jay and Andreas on improvements

        + should we use that by default on Windows 8 and 10? (Jay)
            + technically not a problem to detect (Kendy)
            + fits Metro, but not the general Windows look (Jay/Heiko)
            + conclusion: let's not do it for the moment
        + breeze now more complete than Sifr, should switch the fallack (Jay)
AI:         + yep (Kendy)
    + Extra-Large (32x32) Icons for large resolutions
        + nothing new
* CMIS / online documents mockup (Heiko/Jay)
    + blogpost posted
    + several comments
        + google 2-step authentication
        + wording suggestions
        + search functionality
        + integration into the system file dialog
    + the comments did not uncover any blocker, may be addressed during implementation
* Insert Special Character (Heiko/Jay)
    + no comments, can go ahead with the blog post (Heiko)
        + 2 possible solutions
AI:     + publish that (Heiko)
    + the advanced solution: OCR-like graphics search
        + the user draws the sign, and the character will be found based on that
* Friday's design session (Jay)
    + 1pm UTC
    + this week's theme: Shapes sidebar
* Backlog of discussions that need a resolution:
    + Darker outlines in slide layout previews (Jay, Adolfo)
        + 4.4 uses #bcbdbf and 4.5 uses #d0d0d0 for the border outlines of areas (Jay)
        + seems it would be good to add screenshots (Kendy)
            + done (Jay)
        + visually, the 4.5 looks nice - the gradient is nice!, but the contrast is low :-( (Kendy)
            + problem for people with visual problems (Kendy)
        + can we use the color that is used for the border - it is darker (?) (Kendy)
            + Tango has 3 levels of gray, still possible to use Tango color that is darker (Jay)
        + conclusion: Revisit with Adolfo...