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Jun 26, 2015; 7:50am Jan Holesovsky-4
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-06-24
* Present: Andreas, Heiko, Jay, Kendy, Marek, Mattias
* Completed Action Items:
   + - fixed (Kendy)

* UI changes integrated the last week:
    + New Sifr icons (Matthias)
    + Additional tweaks to the standard, draw and text toolbars (Jay)
    + Breeze icon tweaks and new icons (Andreas)
    + New Galaxy icons (Andreas)
    + Fix cropped buttons in the start center (Kendy)
    + Fix missing Breeze icons in the icons*.zip (Kendy)
    + .ui files improvements (Adolfo)
    + improvements (Rosemary)
    + Equalize width and height for impress/draw (Caolán)
* LibreOffice Conference
    + September 23-25, 2015, Aarhus, Denmark
    + would be great to have you all there :-) - please submit a paper!
* Icon Updates / Issues (Jay)
    + LibreLogo icons are not theme-able (Jay)
        + it's an integrated extension, not theme-able from principle :-( (Kendy)

        + would need change in how the extensions can get the icons (Kendy)
    + Tango (Alex/Adolfo/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)

    + Sifr (Papamatti/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)

        + Papamatti has pushed new icons (Jay)
    + Breeze (Andreas/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)

        + Andreas has pushed some changes (Jay)
    + Breeze Dark (Andreas)
        + still in Kendy's action items... :-) (Jay)
    + Extra-Large (32x32) Icons for large resolutions
        + Status -
* Templates Competition (Jay)
    + Wiki page setup
    + templates competion out, announced last Thursday
        + not much submissions yet
        + will do something by himself in the meantime (Jay)
            + some dark theme + other basic ones (Jay)
* LibreOffice 5.0 splash + start center + about box new theme (Kendy)
    + vote is ongoing in the Visual Identity group
        + results will be tomorrow, then finalized for the next RC
    + implementation of the new colors for the start center ongoing (Kendy)
* UI Guidelines (Heiko)
    + context menus discussed, happy with the results
    + sidebar will be next
    + context menu now in the wiki
    + next steps: sidebar, dialogs
* Next Friday's design session (Jay)
    + Friday session this week
        + sidebar is next
        + 1:00pm CEST / 11:00 UTC
    + List of possible future topics
        + Steve wants the sidebar "configuration menu" icon gone: "it's useless confusing, thus user unfriendly,
          creates frustration and clutters the UI."

* Calc default styles
        + agreed the new default: H217:H238 in the spreadsheet
        + cleaned version:
            + Moggi busy now, for now will add him to the CC: of the bug
    + code for the hard-coded styles is here:
* Improving the Use of Styles in Writer (Jay)
    + many have contributed already, add your thoughts too (Jay)
    + main idea: encourage more people to use styles (Jay)
    + currently too hard to use, make it easier (Jay)
    + lots of missing visual clues missing for the paragraph vs. character style, and then
      it looks like Clear Direct Formatting does not work, etc. (Jay)
    + needs to be improved so that the styles are more used by more people (Jay)
    + everybody welcome to contribute! (Jay)
* Formula bar function wizard button should open the functions pane of sidebar (Jay)
        + a lot of "naysayers"
    + the sidebar could have a button to open the Function Wizard too - for those who need that (Jay)
    + the features in the wizard and the list differ (Heiko)
    + preview seems useful (Heiko)
    + the wizard allows better use of mouse (Mattias)
    + not that good descriptions in the sidebar (Mattias)