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Oct 16, 2015; 12:01pm Jan Holesovsky-4
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-10-14
* Present: Cor, Heiko, Jay, Kendy, Samuel
* UI changes integrated the last week:

    + Enable auto-numbering by default
       + previously enabled, then disabled, and now enabled again
       + I remember - not good in the current state (Kendy)
       + if we want to enable it again, then first let's collect what turns into
         numbering + how it is triggered, and let's go through the use cases there (Kendy)
AI:    + OK, will revert for now + provide the list (Samuel)
    + remote files related improvements (Szymon)
    + icons recoloring (Tomaž)
    + 32x32 icons for hi-contrast (Andreas)
* Annual report (Jay)

    + Sophi asked that we fill in any links to minutes, blog posts, etc.
        + more info needed, will ask Sophie (Jay)
    + for the reference, report from the last year:

* Table styles (Kendy)
    + would be good to have a Friday session about that (Kendy)
        + already collected stuff in a doc (Jay)
        + 9th October, 1:00pm CEST / 11:00am UTC (Kendy)
    + more discussion about the proposal (Jay/Heiko/Kendy)
        + afraid of too many elements there (Heiko)
    + will have a follow-up Friday session - to define the general approach to the
     table propeties, style etc. - in the sidebar (Jay/Heiko/Kendy)
        + should we eg. remove the table toolbar (that appears when the cursor gets into a table, etc.)
        + where to put the table styles - to such a sidebar? to styles & formatting?
        + etc.
* Last week's design session (Heiko/Jay)
    + Area Tab -
        + not published yet
* Dedicated Design team blog (Heiko)
    + redmine ticket:
* Bug discussions
    + Scale all objects proportionally by default, not only images?
        + (see as well bug wrt. proportional scaling with side handles #84953)
        + can check other suites (Jay)
            + Word, WPS, and Calligra all have non-proportional
        + but otherwise people generally happy with the images (keep aspect ratio) vs. shapes (don't keep)
          approach (Cor/Kendy/Samuel)
            + but maybe some more research / checking the use cases might be good

* NotebookBar (Samuel)
    + NotebookBar allows to create toolbars with glade (Samuel/Kendy)
        + full control over widgets in the topmost area, defined via a .ui file
    + an optional thing for users (Samuel)
        + menus + toolbars the default
        + Notebookbar an optional thing
            + probably via an option in the View menu
    + long term, will be a source of some Easy Hacks (Samuel)
    + now just laying down the foundations, later more discussion needed (Samuel)
        + can insert new stuff via glade
        + enough to specify the .uno: command, the icon + text is imported from the appropriate
          officecfg xml
    + Screenshot so far:
    + next (Samuel):
        + more structure needed now (so that it is not one monter .ui file)
        + priorities of widgets - container that hides stuff when the screen size does not fit
        + theming
        + target: 5.2 (earliest)
    + is it already in master? (Jay)
        + in branch so far (Kendy/Samuel)
        + but hidden via an env. variable - so can merge it to master (Samuel)
            + let's merge it then, keep the env. variable (Jay/Kendy)
                + and the View menu entry when it is more polished
    + keep in mind the HIG (Heiko)
        + mentions some future enhancements of toolbars that might be helpful here (Heiko)
            + eg. grouping
                + possible with Notebookbar
* Help updating (Kendy)
    + new patches, would be great to have a new release (Jay)
        + will do (Kendy)
    + help-related meta bugs:
    + wikihelp? (Jay)
        + help proposal

            + idea to use xml editor (Kendy)
            + steps needed:
                + hooks on redirecting to editable page
                + per-user session - own git checkout
                + some way of editing - either the xml help or the xml <-> html mapping
                + commit creation in the git + push to gerrit
            + overall - like the idea to have some infra on top of the current help,
              easier than the entire editable wiki (Kendy)
* Icon Updates / Issues (Jay)

    + Should svgs be stored in repo and pngs created at build time (Samuel)
        + let's not do that (Kendy)
            + inkscape need several seconds per image, and we have ~1000 images per theme
            + such pngs are not optimized, optipng needs another tens of seconds
    + still something wrong with inheritance (Jay)
        + Samuel will look at one of them
            + easiest solution: eg. for tango, during build concat tango + galaxy links.txt, and
              put to
            + one shared links.txt is probably not possible (Jay/Samuel)
          tango -
          galaxy -
    + Sifr & breeze for dark themes
        + bug report created (Jay)

        + Tomaž pushed the algorithm to create them to master (Tomaž)
            + screenshot -
    + Elementary icon theme added to git by Bjoern (Jay)
        + but not enabled by default
        + to be placed in /opt/libreofficedev5.1/share/config/
        + Human theme in Ubuntu outdated (Jay)
    + Tango (Alex/Adolfo/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)

    + Sifr (Papamatti/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)

    + Breeze (Andreas/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)

        + Cleaning all duplicates and putting in links.txt (Andreas)
    + Extra-Large (32x32) Icons for large resolutions
        + Status -
        + Integrating it into the options dialog -
* Next Friday's design session (Heiko/Jay)
    + Friday session this week (Oct/16)
        + 1:00pm CEST / 11:00am UTC
        + Table styles continued
    + List of possible future topics