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Nov 25, 2015; 4:33pm
Jan Holesovsky-4 Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-11-25 + meeting time change: Friday, 14:00 CET
Note: the next meeting is _this_ Friday, 14:00 CET

* Present: Heiko, Jay, Kendy

* UI changes integrated the last week:

    + toolbar improvements (Samuel)
    + Save As to the Save dropdown (Samuel)
    + add Open Remote File to the start center (Samuel)
    + Save button becomes drop-down only when Save disabled (Maxim)
    + store sidebar element states (Laurent)
    + .ui improvements (Adolfo)

* Update the meeting time (Kendy)

    + New meeting time: Fridays, 14:00 CET (13:00 UTC)
    + starting this week already!

* Area Tab design session (Heiko/Jay)
    + Area Tab -
        + not published yet

    + draft now in the blog, please check it
* Dedicated Design team blog (Heiko)

    + now syndicated to too (Heiko)
    + Heiko walked us through the wp interface - hot to post new blog post etc.