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    Mar 18, 2016; 2:03pm Jan Holesovsky-4
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-03-18
    * Present: Akshay, Heiko, Jay, Kendy, Samuel, Xaviju
    * UI changes integrated the last week:
        + Shortcuts improvements (Jay)
        + Allow multiple status bar functions at the same time (Dennis)
        + Various gtk3 fixes (Caolan)
        + Message missing from blank properties tab (Fabio)
        + Don't close the spellchecker when finished (Samuel)
        + Resize media and OLE objects proportionally by default (Samuel)
        + Track icon changes in the new menus (Maxim)
        + Galaxy anchor markers can be dragged again (Regina)
        + Mail merge workflow rework - new toolbar, removed some wizard steps (Kendy, Miklos)
    * GSoC
        + students appearing, good!
        + important to get a non-trivial Easy Hack done! (Kendy)
            + plus points for easy hacks in the areas the students are applying for (Kendy)
    * Bring back the legacy Save toolbar button as customization option? (Heiko)
        + Due to accessibility Ctrl+S is not enough, and the split option confuses sometimes (
        + Save as known from the main menu is not available in the customization
        + How to name this function to make the difference to the new Save clear (Ideas: "Just save", "Save directly", "Legacy Save", "Save Document")
        + the single button was changed from normal buttton to split button (Jay)
            + not possible to have the same command as split and non-split in the toolbar (Kendy)
            + but possible to have an additional button for 'normal' save (Kendy)
        + not sure I understand the core of the issue here though? (Kendy)
            + comment 10
            + sounds like a very special use case (Samuel)
        + the initial proposal was to have a new .uno: command for the split button (Jay)
            + but in the end, it was implemented as an extension of .uno:Save (Jay)
        + conclusion: Let's create a separate bug report for this & easy-hackize it
            + in there, .uno:Save would be non-split, and there will be an additional .uno:SaveExt that will have the split
                + maybe it's possible to use the command alias by Maxim (Samuel)
                + will try it (Jay)
                    + with the alias, the alias will probably be the non-split variant - .uno:SaveLegacy or so (Jay/Kendy)
            + concern about the naming for the customization dialog (Heiko / Jay)
    * Sidebar survey
        + first results (Heiko)
        + users want freedom
        + and prefer static interfaces
        + needs more detailed analysis still (Heiko)
        + lots of free text too (Heiko)
            + can see the raw data? (Jay)
            + yes, attached there too (Heiko)
        + will finish the Draw survey first, then this (Heiko)
            + not urgent now, but good to have the data (Heiko)
    * Removal of the properties dialog in template mangager (Jay)
        + Akshay submited a patch to remove it as has no benefit

        + apparently it shares Impress code some way (good) (Kendy)
            + but a bad way (bad) (Kendy)
            + you can modify it, have a toolbar there, etc.
        + there is a proposal for additional rework (Jay)
        + problems with the current one: toolbar that appears and disappears (Heiko)
            + would be better to not have the Properties, and instead the additional info
              in the sidebar or something (Heiko)
            + concern about tabs (Heiko)
                + they are gone in the proposal (Jay)
        + conclusion: Heiko and Jay will initiate a Design session to finalize the proposal
            + and then it's ready for implementation :-)
            + will subscribe to the Design ML (Akshay)
    * Google and OneDrive CMIS functionality (Jay)
        + discussed this in the ESC, Cloph is on this (Kendy)
    * Single Toolbar Mode (Jay/Samuel)
        + the concern was a specialized button to hide some toolbars, and show other (Samuel)
            + the mechanism was more about providing more kind of views - switch from
              toolbar-centric view to sidebar-centric (Jay)
            + some configurable way to have a 'sidebar mode', and 'toolbar mode'; and potentially
              'single toolbar mode' - ideally with saving the previous state (Jay)
                + this goes nicely with
        + how the customization would be handled? (Heiko)
            + for the GSoC, we can do switching widgets on and off, but moving would be hard (Kendy)
            + possibility to use glade though (Kendy)
        + concern about the switching between the modes - is it useful for the user? (Heiko)
            + like, when they cannot customize it fully, will they appreaciate only switching? (Heiko)
            + hard to get it during this year's GSoC (Kendy)
                + not impossible, but...
            + but based on this, sidebar is a problem too (Samuel)