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Apr 22, 2016; 11:02am Jan Holesovsky-4
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-04-15

* Present: Heiko, Jay, Kendy, Samuel, Stuart

* GSoC


* Restart dialog

    + clarification of
        + indeed, I meant that if we improve one message, we should improve all of them :-) (Kendy)

* Draw (Heiko)

    + checked the bugzilla for Draw reports
    + maybe worth checking the ux-advise bugs related to Draw? (Kendy)
        + unfortunately the category is either ux-advise or Draw - they are mutually exclusive (Heiko)

* UX-advise handling (Kendy/Heiko)

    + seems sub-optimal that it is a Component
        + impossible to filter like "show me the Draw bugs that need input from UX"
        + problem for triaging
    + maybe a keyword instead, similar to needsDevEval
        + needsUXEval (Samuel)
            + sounds good to me - consistent with the (Kendy)
    + concern wrt. mailing the ux-advise mailing list (Samuel)
        + now the ux-advise ML is automatically subscribed (Jay)
        + is that possible with a keyword change? (Kendy)
            + will ask the QA people (Jay)

    + KDE has a special switch; a bit concerned about keywords (Heiko)
        + keyword seems fine for now (Jay)

* Sidebar survey

    + first results (Heiko)

    + finished

    + went through the remaining parts (Heiko / Jay)
        + blogpost mostly finished, some wording improvements ongoing
        + make sure that even if we change HIG, and see further feedback from the users, we
          are able to update the HIGs again (Kendy)

* Help content (Jay)

    + VM created and awaiting credentials (Jay)