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    Jul 01, 2016; 8:32am Heiko Tietze-2
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-Jul-01
        + Jay, Heiko, Samuel, Szymon, Susobhan, Akshay
    Easy hacks and extensions
      * Moved to
        + Design team should have a design only list of easy hacks
        -> Seaparate headline for design only
        -> will take care of skills when tagging tickets (Heiko)
      * Template Manager (Akshay)
        * Jul-1: Show Template selection when launching Impress
            + See discussion from Jun-03
            + Show the dialog with an option "[x] Show the dialog at startup"
            + Enable it as default (Jay, Samuel, Heiko, Akki)
      * Area Fill (Rishabh)
        * Jul-01:
          + Decision of how to handle Add/Modify/Delete
            -> Add/Modify as buttons below presets (perhaps one of them as con only
            -> Rename and delete goes into a new context menu
          + Decision on manipulation of palette for solid colors
            -> New colors are added to user.soc; predefined palettes are not touched (except from Tools > Options)
            -> Discussion how user.soc is handled (always shown below standard palette?)
      * Sidebar Improvements (Susobhan)
        * Jul-01
          + To be discussed Shapes Tab
              - 'More' content panel - where are the new shapes? Who will add them?
                 + shapes are available and more will be added from the community (Jay)
                 + current shapes can be pulled from Calligra -
          + Working on the 'Default' shapes panel
       * Notebookbar (Szymon, Kendy, Samuel)
        * Jul-01
           + Large icons in sidebar -
           + Separate options for icon size for toolbar and sidebar (Samuel)
           + Correct icon size when set to Auto
           + Have an option with every icon so an individual configuration is possible (Heiko)
             + Not feasible in this GSoC (Samuel)