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Aug 05, 2016; 7:36am Heiko Tietze
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-Aug-05

Date:    2016-Aug-05
Present: Jay, Heiko, Cor, Mahfiaz

New easy hacks and extensions
   + (rename Paste Only)

Google Summer of Code

  * Area Fill (Rishabh/Heiko)
    * Aug-05
       + New section switcher
          + Try to replace the buttons by something different (Heiko)
       + Remove None from the available fill styles (now sections)
          + Pro: None means transparency of 100%, and now we just define a solid color (Heiko)
          + Con: Setting to a transparent color will cause problems when users which the fill type (Jay, Rishabh)
       + Transparency slider should be included in tab as transparency tab isnt always present in dialog (Jay)
          + Instead add transparency tab to all places its not - e.g. impress slide properties (Rishabh, Heiko, Jay)
    * Jul-29
       + Color selection widget in sidebar
          + Fixed palette selection -
          + Save recent colors -
       + Color tab in area dialog

  * Sidebar Improvements (Susobhan)
      + Styles Preview for Styles & Formatting -
      + Alignments and UI adjustments made to sidebar panels:
      + Adjustments made to the Slide Panel for impress and Page panel for Draw -
        - Final merge-ready patch should be ready by Saturday
      + Started working on More Shapes Panel again - not much progress made this week (University registrations and reopening)
      + documentation missing; please write a couple of lines for the docu team

   * Notebookbar (Szymon, Kendy, Samuel)
        + google doc of suggested improvements (jay)

        + dislike ribbon like tabs, no sections header as in the initial proposal (Heiko)

   * Table Styles (kendy, jakub)
       + It's now a tab in styles and formatting section
       + Need to create various predefined table styles
         + Lets  keep track of propsals in a bug and have the final decision
           of what is add to the product later (Heiko)
         + Need an XML format to share proposals instead the binary today (AI: udap)
         + Lets just direct format a couple of tables (Jay)

Enhancements and proposals
    + Enabling activation of extra large 32px icons (Jay)
      + All Breeze icons have been done
      + Need dev to do the necessary to enable to option in the options dialog