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Sep 03, 2016; 11:46am, Heiko Tietze-2

Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-Sep-02
    + Present: Kendy, Heiko, Jay

Easy hacks and extensions
  - nothing new

Finalization of Google Summer of Code

  * Template Manager (Akshay/Samuel)
     + Just a few minor bugs left
     + Workflow is finsihed and will be kept as it was implemented (Jay)
     + Report -

 * Area Fill (Rishabh/Heiko)
    + Finalization needed
       + Merge commits
       + Proper alignment for at least Qt
       + Crash for patterns
    + combined all tabs together patch wasnt merged -
    + Report - not done; AI: blog post when its finsihed (Heiko)

  * Sidebar Improvements (Susobhan)
    + GSoC finished but work is continously ongoing
    + Report -

  * Notebookbar (Szymon, Kendy, Samuel)
    + GSoC finished, work is ongoing
    + Rename? ask also Marketing (AI: talk to Italo at LibOCon)
    + Report -
    + Testing instructions:
   * Table Styles (kendy, jakub)
    + GSoC under the hood finsihed; Jakub still working on minor tweaks
    + Good set of table style presets -
    + Report -
    + Define a couple of good presets, Involve community (AI: Write blog post -> Heiko)

Enhancements and proposals
    + Next big topics
      + Draw: Auto format of (block) diagrams
      + UI: Extended Toolbar (aka Notebookbar), e.g. easy customization
      + HIG: Alignment of labels and controls in dialogs
        + UX should go over all dialogs when the stardard has been defined (Jay)
      + much more with lower priority (e.g. bibliography)
      + go over ideas for gsoc 2017 -
    + Enabling activation of extra large 32px icons (Jay)
      + All Breeze icons have been done
      + Need dev to do the necessary to enable to option in the options dialog

UX stats
    + needsUXAdvice of 2016-Sep-01: Total 514 (+7), Resolved 7, Created 7
      Base              1
      Calc             14
      Draw             74
      Extensions        1
      filters and storage        1 (+1)
      framework         3
      Impress           9
      LibreOffice     356 (-1)
      Localization      1
      UI               14
      Writer           40 (+7)
    + Find a way to track number for advice provided (Kendy)
    + At best remove the keyword even when the ticket is closed as WFM, or the like