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Nov 17, 2016; 5:13am Heiko Tietze-2
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-Nov-17

Present: Anxhelo, Heiko, Samuel, Tomaz, Jay


 * Switch from Google Hangout to Jitsi
   + don't care (Samuel)
   + never used, but curious (Anxhelo)
   + lets try next week at (Heiko)
     + please test in advance the proper function


 * Rename file without having to save again as a new file
   + Con: Uncommon, safety relevant issue, system function
   + Pro: MacOS provides it for most apps, convenience feature
     + Should it work only for LibO files, how about pdf, doc... (Anxhelo)
     + Interesting convenience feature (Samuel, Anxhelo, Tomas)
   -> Proposed solution is to make Properties > General > File Name editable (Heiko)


 * LibreColor
   + can we do this per extension? wouldn't do so (Tomaz) but possible (Samuel)
   + names are not important (Jay), disagree (Heiko)
   + reduce the number of items per palette to have a good organization (Jay)
   + - new default
     + ask Mirek about the reasoning to create the default palette
   + - extra palettes
     + Survey? not really needed
   + - tonal palette
     comment 29: (Heiko)
      * remove cmyk, gallery, html, palette, web
      * add this "tonal" palette here, when the names are improved (design only easyhack),
        but also add Breeze colors (
        (html makes sense, comment 31)
     -> replace Scribus by LibreColor (names would be nice) or make it available per extension
   + more opinions needed (Anxhelo)

UX stats

   + Bugzilla (topicUI) statistics
       256(256) bugs open, 22(22) needs to be evaluated by the UXteam
   + Keyword needsUXEval:
       BZ changes   1 week   1 month    3 months   12 months  
            added     7(-4)    164(-67)   802(3)     1879(14)
        commented     8(2)     101(-24)   448(7)     1225(12)
          removed     1(1)      69(-11)   139(-2)     355(5)