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Dec 22, 2016; 6:32am Heiko Tietze-2
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-Dec-22

Present: Jay, Heiko, Tomaz, Kendy


 * Notebookbar blog post has been published
   + many comments, mostly positive and open-minded


 * List of new icons for 5.3 (Andreas)
   + there was an email about lower case?
     + Andreas asked about it in the bug report and i replied to him
   + contact Andreas and point to the previously mentioned GDoc (Jay)
   + Have a wiki page?
     + undecided; a lot of work for maybe not much outcome

 * Dialog control tooltips (Heiko)
     + Consistency of every control to have a tooltip (Heiko)
     + Lots of translation work to add tooltips to .ui files (Jay, Heiko)
     + Tooltips already provided by help (Jay)
          ESC: make a proposal --> here it is
     + self-explanation is important (Jay)
     + are there any applications that have tooltips for everything? (Jay)
         + MSO does not have tooltips for controls (Jay)
         + date created for Explorer (Jay)
            + nothing when hover the tree / search field - nothing (Jay)
            + no tooltips in the dialogs either (Jay)
     + always popping up tooltips in the dialogs would be annoying (Jay)
         + in toolbars it's fine, as buttons dont have labels and only icon which isnt always understood (Jay)
     + we can have the status quo: no tooltips in the dialogs (Heiko)
         + want to either have it everywhere, or not at all (Heiko)
         + what blocks us from allowing it, and evaluate when there is
           the first dialog that has tooltips? (Kendy)
     + a11y concern (Heiko)
         + tested that, works fine (Jay)
         + every control has the associated label (Jay)
         + some corner cases: W and H instead of "width" and "height" (Jay)
             + improved the labels there
     + would like to see a dialog with such tooltips in action first, before we
       take a decision like "everything has to have tooltips" (Kendy)
         + not happy about this, but can live with this (Heiko)

     + guidelines in general:
         + should codify what is a result of how things are progressing, never
           should be used as "it is in the guidelines, now you all have to change
           the implementation"

 * Area tab heavily increases size of dialog
   + Issues with high dpi likely because of fix values (Tomaz)
     + please revert the patch
     + double-check then with various DE

 * Color palettes
   + all changes are in 5.3
   + Blog post draft finished
     + Read over it once again (Jay), publish next week (Heiko)