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    Jan 12, 2017; 7:03am Heiko Tietze-2
    Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-Jan-12
    Present: Jay, Tomazs, Kendy, Steve, Heiko
     * Make Breeze the default icon set on Windows
         + 60% Yes after one day
       + Yes (Tomazs)
       + No, because Breeze is not enough colorful and too thin (Jay, Kendy, Heiko)
       /keep it for now
     * Installer icon
       (last week)
       + Double-check if ico contains multiple images (Jay)
       + Tango is not really up-to-date and not suitable for Windows (Jay)
       + See what other installers use (Jay)
       + Revert change like Stuart mentioned (Jay)
       + Let's check other installers and decide next week what to do (Heiko)
       (this week)
       + Andreas' solution is good (Kendy)
       + leave it as it is as the default is very close to what we have (Jay)
       / Make a test first with a nightly build that contains Andreas' solution (Kendy)
     * Button order in confirmation dialogs
       + Do we have a programmatical way to swap buttons?
         + Windows puts Ok first, Apple puts OK last
       + Gnome and KDE uses "Save/Discard/Cancel" or "Yes/No/Cancel" sequence
       + But Gnome puts confirmation also last
       + Caolan has a plan (for years); ticket is maybe a duplicate (Kendy)
     * Drop html export
       + just drop the html export options or kill the html export completely?
       + filters are working and function is useful but devs need to clean up the code mess (Kendy)
       + dialog is about exporting slides to images (Tomasz)
       + better go with svg export (Kendy)
       + drop the wizard (Tomasz, Kendy) (and suggest users to go with svg)
       + but keep the html export (Kendy)
       + make new single page html export an easy hack and export just slides with original images (Tomasz)
       + have a dialog with at least the option to export one or all pages (Heiko)
       + clean up the export(as) features in Impress/Draw (Tomasz); make it consistent