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Feb 02, 2017; 7:06am Heiko Tietze-2 
Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2017-Feb-02

Present: jay, heiko, tomaz

GSoC projects

 * Additions
   + basically an enhancement of the extensions manager
   + accepted (jay)

 * Barcode
   + maybe better an extension (jay)
   + would be good as well (heiko), not sure that creating an extension is good for gsoc (jay)
   + remove from the proposals list (jay, tomaz)
 * Geographical maps
   + OpenStreetmap, Google maps, Mercator etc. to show x/y values on a meaningful background
   + better an extension (jay), licensing issues btw.
   + remove from the proposals list (jay, tomaz)

 + write a blog post with UX proposals additional to the gsoc ideas wiki?
   + better put all information into the wiki only (jay)


 * Infobar/Signatures
   + Colors are maroon, orange, and beige but should rather be red, beige, and grey for error, warning, and info
   => needs a suggestion (AI: Heiko)
   + Hide the infobar on click or when the signature issue has been fixed/reoccurs?
   => ideally keep the error infobar open unless the issue is solved; to be discussed with Samuel


 * SVG icons for 5.4
   + confusions about light/dark icon themes such as Breeze
   + could be solved with svg icons and means to switch contrast and replace light/dark Breeze
   + how to enable svg in master? tomaz: just pack the svg like png and replace the file
   + it's possible to mix png and svg sets
   + feasible to have the automatic color change depending on the background? (heiko)
     + big task, not clear how much to do (tomaz)
   + some tango icons are available as svg; need to get pulled from the adwaita theme,
     other have to be created new; there is a repo in one git repo (jay)